WWE Raw Results (12/12) – Number One Contenders Matches, Candice LeRae Vs. IYO SKY And More

The bell rings and Bayley delivers a kick to the midsection of Bliss. She goes for the pin, but Bliss kicks out. Bayley delivers an uppercut in the corner, but Bliss counters with the Code Red. Bayley rolls out, then sends Bliss face slamming into the apron. He gets back in the ring, then delivers a suplex. Bayley lands a right hand, but Bliss lands back elbows and fires more right hands. She plants Bayley, then delivers two knees. Bayley delivers a right hand to the head of Bliss, but Bliss hits a crossbody. Cheer goes up top, but Bayley rolls out. Bliss jumps off the apron, and Bayley sends her crashing into the ring post.

Back from the break, Bayley delivers a knee to the back of Bliss. She whips Bliss in the corner, then delivers an elbow and a quick glance. Fire lands with more right hands, but Bayley delivers a lariat to the back of Bliss’s neck. Joy climbs to the top rope and hurricanrana off the middle rope, then charges Bayley. Bayley kicks out, then clocks Bliss. He lifts him up onto his shoulders, then plants him with a spinning side slam.

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Bliss sends Bayley’s head bouncing off the middle rope, then delivers a pair of kicks to her lower body. He delivers a senton off the apron, then tosses it into the ring and goes for the pin. Bayley kicks out and Bliss hits her with a DDT. Bayley delivers a reverse powerbomb, then follows it up with a sunset flip on the turnbuckle. She follows it up with a Bayley-to-Belly, then goes for the pin, but Bliss kicks out.

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Bayley shows off the middle button, but Belair shows the referee what she did. Bliss takes advantage and throws Bayley out of the ring. Bayley gets in Belair’s face, then back in the ring. Bliss delivers a dropkick, then climbs to the top rope and hits the Twisted Bliss for the win.

Winner (and new challenger number one): Alexa Bliss

After the match, Belair enters the ring and stares down Bliss. Bliss looks to hug Belair, but Bray Wyatt’s sign flashes and she finds him in Sister Abigail’s place. Bliss snaps out of it and walks away, a confused and guilty look on her face.

We’re going to Kurt Angle’s birthday celebration video from this past Friday’s “SmackDown”. We then see Otis and Chad Gable walk up to the arena. Byron Saxton goes to them and asks how they are feeling after Friday. Gable says Angle is a “dinosaur” and says he couldn’t get in the ring with them. OC enters, laughing. Gable asks what they’re laughing at and AJ Styles says Karl Anderson sent them a video of them getting sprayed with milk. Gable says everyone keeps talking about how good he was before, and Styles challenges him to a match. He tells her to get into her gear and tells him she prefers to wear things that don’t smell like cottage cheese.

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Back from the break, OC goes to the ring, followed by Alpha Academy.


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