World Series: How closely will you be watching Astros-Phillies?

How many of the seven games, no less than 84,000, change the game starting in October, ending in November, and really never – OK, almost never – involving the Cubs or the White Sox?

That’s right, the world series. You are really a sharp cookie.

In this week’s “polling place”, your home for the Sun-Times Sports Survey on Twitter, we asked if you would watch the Astros and Phillies take it out for the championship. The Phillies won Game 1 on Friday 6-5 in extra time.

@SultanOfClout commented, “The world series is a must see no matter who is in it.” “Too many fans of fair weather”

“I always watch the World Series because, you know, half-hour programs and commercials” really broke @ aherrmann350.

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We also asked voters to predict the outcome of the Fall Classic. Will we get seven gamers to remember? Finally, we asked about the Bears-Cowboys game on Sunday in Dallas. Is there a chance the Bears are in good form for the second time in a row?

Go to the polls:

Voting No. 1: The World Series begins on Friday. Will you watch?

Photo: The world series will not watch for itself, you know. Take @pfrickey who plans to ignore next season after his Sox exploded. In the end – inevitable? The excitement of these qualifiers sucked him back. “I enjoy watching!” He wrote. That’s the whole idea, friends.

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Poll 2: How will the world series fall?

Photo: The good times Phillies came in with all kinds of momentum, one of those teams that just caught fire and couldn’t stop hitting the Homers and there was an explosion. But the Astros are machines that, according to voters, choose to win it all. That would make Dusty Baker his first champion as manager, the wing for his long-awaited hat. Note: The survey was conducted before the first match.

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Poll 3: The Bears are a 9-point loss to the Cowboys on Sunday. What happened?

Photo: Whichever way you look at it, three-quarters of voters expect the Bears to lose. But not @JeffreyCanalia who wrote, “American teams are not as good as American media thinks.” Fake information? The American media does not think much about bears at the same time. Is that fake news?


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