Will Messi’s magic run out against Croatia? Can Morocco keep making history?

Tuesday 2pm (Fox29, Telemundo 62, Peacock)

Jonathan Tannenwald: Croatia – Argentina is a fierce battle between my heart and my head.

My heart says Argentina as it all is. The team has the skills of Lionel Messi, Julián Álvarez and Enzo Fernández and a lot of abstract strength to go with them. Albiceleste The more talented individual teams will collapse after the last Dutch draw.

My head says Croatia because the team does not care what anyone thinks. Also do not care how much it is played. My head also says that Luka Modrić has beaten Messi the last time their national team played, including a 3-0 draw at the 2018 World Cup. And both my heart and my mind know how often Modrić Real Madrid have beaten Barcelona or Messi’s Paris Saint-Germain in the big games over the years.

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This is another strange thing in history. While there were two men’s World Cup champions, Italy in 1934 and 38 and Brazil in 1958 and 62, there was never a men’s World Cup final again. France-Croatia will be the first country.

It would fit in a way if it happened now. In this match, many players split Men’s The national team has a goal record, but it is not their national average. And in the women’s competition, there was already one final, US-Japan in 2015 and ’19.

I got half of my last guess wrong. I would be excited to get my semi-final prediction wrong as well. Croatia 1, Argentina 1 in 120 minutes and Croatia won by penalty again.

Andrea CanalesIn the match between Croatia and Argentina, either Argentina is the team of this World Cup fate or the effect of Croatia is unbeatable.

On tired legs, this World Cup stage is more about will like anything else. It’s a testament to the skills of Luka Modric and Lionel Messi that they were very effective in the third decade of the game. Croatia’s main advantage against Argentina is defeat. All the pressure is on Messi and his team-mates to bring that big prize to him, who so far has always avoided him and tried his best. Croatia played freely and calmly, despite the experience of being there before in the final, and the confidence of the World Cup exceeded expectations.

Frankly, I want to be Croatian in this situation, but I still stick to my game choices to win it all. Argentina 2 Croatia 1

Gustav Elvin: Argentina v Croatia – This is expected to be Argentina – Brazil Messi v Neymar – and I will not lie, I am a little disappointed that we will not be considered for the South American competition on the biggest stage. Of this sport. But congratulations to Croatia, who, despite the veterans volunteered to reach the semi-finals for the second time in a row at Behind the depression, collective protection and steel fibers in times of pressure. Led by Luka Modrić and goalkeeper Dominik Livaković (10 saves against Brazil) Croatia could not resist, preventing Belgium from relegation and then beating both Japan and Brazil on penalties. While exchanging seven of their eight goals. . Croatia did not panic even after losing extra time to Brazil, honoring their leadership and A sense of confidence in its dressing room.

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At the same time, Argentina is Lionel Messi, GOAT, who seems determined with one hand. La Albiceleste To win the World Cup and complete his winning case. I would argue that Argentina is a medium team if you remove the 10th. For that reason, Croatia has a good chance of winning here and reaching the final for the second time in a row. I expect it to be tough and physical, but look for Argentina to attack and move in one of its relegation games from the last World Cup. បុរសngel Di María, another man from Rosario, has a quiet game but he is a big gamer, so look for this 34-year-old to appear in a big place like he did at 2021 Copa America Finals. . Messi and Co have reached the World Cup final for the second time and he gets his chance to finish his international career at the top of the world. Argentina 1 Croatia 0

Carrick Gabriel: There is no one in the world who watches football who does not want to see Lionel Messi win the Jules Rimet. He is the best player of a generation and this will be an exclamation point on a great career. In Argentina’s victory over the Netherlands, his vision was to create the first goal and his composure and penalties in extra time helped secure a place in the semi-finals against Croatia.

However, the Croatian team was strong and advanced to the semi-finals with a Strike every corner. Luka Modric, 37, has revealed why he was named FIFA Player of the Year a few years ago. But he is not the only one. Ivan Perisic was great to be the second player and his goals and two assists supported it. Kramaric was really great at the World Cup, breaking the game and getting his huge body in the box. In my opinion, Argentina’s support is not up to par. Messi does not have to drive the bus because it is the team’s total effort, but I do not think it is as strong as the World Cup for Argentina, like the strong show we have seen from Croatia.

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So I really wanted to see Messi in the World Cup final, sadly I did not see it. Croatia 2 Argentina 1

Wednesday 2pm (Fox29, Telemundo 62, Peacock)

Tannenwald: Morocco can. It’s not my fault I do not think it will.

The Atlas Lions beat Spain with just one goal. Yes, Morocco blocked five, but the team that completed 926 goals out of 1019 attempts in 120 minutes should not have produced just 13 goals and 1.01 goals expected for Morocco 0.72.

Then again, this is Spain we are talking about, so maybe that is the expectation and the problem. I have seen some American fans who want Luis Enrique to succeed Gregg Berhalter. If you think the current American team is not shooting enough, imagine Enrique coaching them.

Portugal beat Morocco 12-9. But as close as Cristiano Ronaldo and his company equalized, Morocco won the game by 1.40. To 0.92. The statistics count a lot, but that is a huge margin. Even in the second half, Portugal’s xG advantage was only 0.64 to 0.60. I can not imagine it happening here. France is too talented and has already lost to a former colony at the World Cup. Fortunately, Didier Deschamps and company know that the group stage match against Tunisia is not a problem. This game is done and the champion will not lose. France 2 Morocco 1.

Prek Chik: I am proud that I chose both France and Morocco to get to this point.

Face it in the past, there will definitely be African teams capable of competing in the last four, but overcoming that calf to make it another hurdle. Morocco jumped over that barrier and the issue of all participants to stand proudly as semi-finalists. However, France is in critical shape and I think this is where Moroccan trains reach a stop. It was a wonderful journey and a historic one. France 1 Morocco 0

Elvin: Morocco’s Cinderella run continued in the quarter-finals as the Atlas Lions beat Portugal 1-0 to become the first African country to reach the World Cup semi-finals. North Africa beat the top 10 teams in the tournament in Belgium, Spain and Portugal and will undertake their biggest test run to win the World Cup in France. Add in the French-Moroccan colonial history and the fact that six Moroccan players were born or are currently playing their football in France and you know some and some delicious semi-finals. Morocco hung up their helmets in the match, conceding only once in five matches (through own goals). Playing small football and hoping for a chance or two from players like Hakim Ziyech, Achraf Hakimi, Sofiane Boufal and Youssef En-Nesyri will be the plan again here against the French superstar.

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Kylian Mbappe and Co will have the most goals and chances and as good as the Moroccan defense, I have not seen the Atlas Lions shut down France as they did in Spain and Portugal. France’s top three strikers have been battling Mbappe, Giroud and Dembele, and after surviving against England, France will be a popular team here. I think the clock will finally strike midnight on Morocco here, while Mbappe and France will break through Morocco’s previously inaccessible defense. France 2 Morocco 0

Gabriel: This is the Gulf Coast of Florida. This is the match of Wichita State.Morocco reaching the semi-finals is one of the best of this match. Moroccan talent is clear and led by Hakim Ziyech’s European talent, they have become an interesting team to watch. The delivery of the Spanish team, which seemed to be the first favor to reach the final of the 16th round, must have raised eyebrows, and the team became Iceland’s FIFA World Cup team at the 2016 European Championships.

However, after watching France play England in the quarter-finals, it is clear that the team has goals and players to reach it. All talk is about we have not seen the best Kylian Mbappe and the charm he brings in this match. But he is not a player who used to be a French star.

Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris is a wall.

On the left, Antoine Griezmann ignited the opponent and got a great ball into the box.

And Olivier Giroud is France’s best player to date and has been named the tournament’s best player. .

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There is a desire for Morocco to be the first African country in the World Cup finals for a number of reasons, and if you have watched the African Cup of Nations in recent years, North Africa has definitely put the continent’s football on hold. On the map (look at you Algeria, Egypt and now Morocco).

But France was on a mission and Morocco did not delay. It was a good run, but even Cinderella had to be home in the middle of the night. This is Morocco’s 11th hour, but it is French time. France 2 Morocco 0


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