When to plant forget-me-nots for a ‘charming’ display of spring flowers in your garden

Forget-me-nots, also known as Myosotis, are famous for their dainty five-lobed flower heads that appear in spring. Aside from her cute and adorable looks, one of the most appealing characteristics of forget-me-nots is her long flowering period. In most cases, the flowers remain bright from May to October, but only if planted at the right time. So when should you aim to sow forget-me-not seeds in your garden?

When to plant forget-me-nots

According to Horticulture.co.uk, forget-me-nots are “very adaptable and versatile” and will do well in most conditions.

While they’re easy to grow with minimal maintenance, the gardening experts explained that they’re more likely to thrive when planted at specific times.

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Horticulture.co.uk recommended sowing seeds directly outdoors in May or June, or starting indoors in late summer.

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How to sow forget-me-not seeds

September should always be the deadline for sowing forget-me-nots in containers, as the seeds need time to mature before being moved outdoors.

The experts at Horticulture magazine said: “If you choose to grow them indoors, then simply scatter the seeds and then cover them with a layer of compost. Place them in a warm spot or use a heated greenhouse to ensure conditions are perfect for germination.”

Keeping the soil moist will speed germination and encourage seedlings to germinate in as little as eight to 14 days.

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For outdoor sowing, plant seeds with just an eighth of an inch of soil lightly sprinkled on top and water well.

Where to plant forget-me-nots

While forget-me-nots are traditionally grown in country and country style gardens, experts at Horticulture.co.uk explained that the “cute little spring plant” makes a good addition to any space thanks to its “simple elegance”.

They said: “Perfect for borders or pathsides, this plant complements other spring flowering flowers and makes a charming addition to any garden.”

There is some variation in the best planting site for the hundreds of different species of forget-me-nots, although most prefer fertile soil.

Full sun or partial shade is ideal for the flowers to thrive.

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Once the seedlings are big enough, they can be “pinned out” and transplanted into a pot ready to be taken outside.

Although hardy, potted forget-me-nots need to be left outside for a few days to acclimate them to the outside temperature before being planted in the ground.

These enticing blooms can be annual, biennial, or perennial, so you’ll need to check the seed packet to see if the flowers will return each year.

The water forget-me-not is a reliable perennial, while the ‘classic’ and ‘Bluesylva’ types are biennials that open-sow every year.

Field forget-me-nots are annual plants that produce blue and sometimes pink petals through fall.

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