What style of game will unfold at Tampa Bay?

If I’m Bowles, I don’t want my predecessor hanging around on my team…

Like I said, that’s up to the Bucs. Maybe Bowles doesn’t care.

Could this be the game where our TEs break out and our rookie receivers show they’re better than CB3 on the tamp team?

Murphy-Bunting is no slob. Good cover corner for yourself. This defense is not easy to solve.

Is there a stadium Aaron Rodgers dislikes more than Tampa’s? He has attributed several injuries to the pitch and he has not played well there either when he was healthy.

I asked myself the same thing this morning. There he injured his shoulder in ’08 and then his calf in ’14. He’s commented on this interface in the past, but when he was 20 there I don’t know if he thinks it’s improved. The losses there in ’08 and ’09 were really bad losses, and then the one in ’20 was bad in a different way. Not a place with fun memories for him or the team.

It seems like there has been more pre-snap moves on offense compared to last year. Is that true?

Since LaFleur implemented his system, moves have come and gone based on game planning and the opponent. As mentioned, with a serious speed threat like Watson, we’ll see if it becomes a more consistent part of things now.

How important will Dre and Quay be in stopping Fournette?

The guys up front need to keep 59 and 7 clean so they can flow to the ball. Easier said than done, but the best way to overcome second level blockers is to not let the blockers get to the second level.

Last time we played TB, didn’t Jaire Alexander have three picks against Brady? You think Brady will test him, don’t you?

Mike, I think the 90 degree heat and humidity will be a problem. I’m assuming the Bucs are in no hurry. Dink and dunk with Beasley and some Fournette to wear down the Packers DL and hold the onslaught. Throughts?

If they find a way to use the weather to their advantage, they will. I’m sure they want to get TOP so the Packers defense runs out of gas in the fourth quarter. The Packers offense needs to do its part to help the D in that regard.

When Ja keeps running across the field to get interceptions, the QBs everywhere have to watch out for him

Yes, this piece of footage from the Bears game will get the attention of QBs across the league.

At least the game is at 4:25 East and not noon like last time in TB. Being from Central Florida myself, this will make a difference.

I wondered about that. Yes, at least the sun will go down in the second half and more of the pitch will be in shadow.

Is Joe Barry finally dialing in some lightning? Quay, for example, seems to be good at it. not to mention Rasul Douglas

A defensive coordinator needs to know when to blitz and when to blitz. When a four-man rush can get constant pressure, you always prefer to avoid the risk of exposing cover with fewer players. In Week 1, I thought the Packers were putting decent pressure on Cousins ​​for the most part, but their backend cover just broke. There wasn’t much to learn from the Bears’ game as Fields only threw 11 passes and the Bears decided to hammer the downed 14 in the fourth quarter.

Yes, it’s a different narrative, isn’t it? Just the kind where both teams are this early in the season.

How soon can Cole Beasley be ready for this game? What impact do you predict it will have?

He’s a veteran who will likely be given a package of pieces to prepare for so he can jump right in. It will depend on how much he can mentally absorb in a short period of preparation.

Thanks Mike for the MWC. I feel like ML really opened up the playbook of the ongoing game against Chicago. Bring many winning concepts to tape. I’m curious to see how he builds it up against a strong unit like TB. What will you seek in this game?

Just for the Packers to consistently move the ball and avoid the negative plays – sacks and penalties. The Packers bounced back from a penalty and a sack to convert a second and 28 in two games against the Bears. That will be almost impossible against this defense. They need to stay out of those situations to increase their third-down percentages.

It sounds like this will be a great game to get D Bak back on the field. Any news on this?

Nothing yet. We’ll see how the training week unfolds.

Should we be surprised if Evans gets his suspension lifted? Or is that like asking whether we should be surprised at what counts as a catch or not?

Evans’ suspension was upheld. It was announced just before this chat started. He’s out on Sunday.

I actually read somewhere that Beasley usually gets to freelance on most plays. But that’s when he had some chemistry with Prescott, and then with Allen. Wonder if that sort of thing works when you get used to a new QB and if Brady/OC would even let him do it.

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Each system differs in how it incorporates a new player. Beasley has been around for a while, and it’s not as if any playbook is going to have a bunch of concepts that are alien to it.

Packers win if: Engage Jones & Dillon in game shuffling action to move chains and finish with points

Finishing rides will definitely be key. You’ll only get a limited number of scoring chances against this defense, and settling for field goals probably won’t do it.

Did you see the video last week where David Bakhtiari appears to be limping? What do you make of it?

He’s still working his way back. When he’s ready, he’s ready. The Packers aren’t going to send him out there until the time comes. You always talk about stressing players coming back from injury and seeing how the body reacts the next day. It’s part of the process.

ESPN headline, Evans appeal denied, VS UK. So we managed that for ourselves.

Yes, it’s interesting, there are 3 people who can direct these callings. Two of them are Jon Runyan Sr. and Derrick Brooks, so it was no surprise that the third guy, James Thrash, answered Evan’s call.

The Rock is a real treasure. Gotta love it when you get that old “Seal here, and a seal here, and we want to play in the ally” Great Rock Report today

I love every rock report. It’s the best 2 minutes on our site if you ask me.

How is the backup DL for Tampa? Heard at least 1 of them is out, another questionable

I’ll have to see what the injury report says later today. I had heard of Hiccup. Not sure what else is going on. Gholston has caused a lot of trouble for the Packers in the past.

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