Veteran Japanese game designers announce Edo period roguelike game Shinonome for PC

WODAN, the Japanese studio founded by professional game designers Kenichi Iwao and Tatsuya Yoshikawa, has announced. Shinonome, a puzzle-like game based on the concept of a destroyed house from the Edo period. It will be launched in First Edition for PC via Steam on November 11.

Iwao has previously worked at Capcom, Square Enix, Studio 4°C, DeNA, and Oriflamme, while Yoshikawa has previously worked for Capcom, DeNA, Nintendo, Oriflamme, and Sanzigen.

The Early Access version of Shinonome it will contain all three main modes of the game. While each mode shares many common features, they will grow differently over the course of Early Access. The user statement will allow the developer to provide a more “expert experience with better tutorials, more enemy types including bosses, more tools, and a more engaging story line.” The Early Access period is expected to last two to four months, but may take longer depending on response.

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Here’s an overview of the game, via its Steam page:

With respect to

Shinonome is a rogue-like game based on the concept of a destroyed house from the Edo period of Japan.

The main character, Yono, in the novice student Onyo. Her main goal is to escape from the house alive by escaping the ayakashi (monsters and vengeful spirits).

You don’t need practical skills to do this; you need to observe the clues left by the ayakashi, such as paths and sounds, and use them to plan strategies.

Shinonome It is a new type of escape game, where you will use your courage and imagination to overcome challenges.

Key Features

  • Japanese Horror – Enjoy a unique and scary experience as you explore an old Japanese house, which combines rustic beauty with darkness.
  • Different Game Modes – Pull them into a trap. Set the strategy up and running. Draw in their natural enemies…There are many ways to take care of ayakashi. This game gets its true start when you find your way to work your way through it.
  • Highly replayable – Success to the full haunted house in “Harae.” Escape from a randomly generated house as you work to save your tools and food to survive in “Misogi.” Explore the endless dungeons and towers taking a short break at the shops and kitchens inside them in “Gyou.” Each of the three games will keep you coming back for more.

Watch the announcement trailer below. Check out the first photos in the gallery.

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