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You know why it’s so easy to trick a leaf in the fall? Because they fall for everything.

Fall leaves produce amazing fall colors, but they’re not alone. Many perennial flowers reach their peak in the fall season, adding pops of color to flower beds and landscapes at the end of the season.

Most perennial flowers bloom at a specific time of year, such as spring, midsummer, or fall. For this reason, it’s important to mix species that bloom each season to create an ever-changing palette of continuous colors in the perennial flower bed. Fall-blooming perennials kick off the growing season with a flair.

Pot perennials from garden centers can be planted this fall and fall flowering species will be in full bloom by this time next year. Water well after planting and consider giving a protective mulch of leaves or straw as the perennials experience their first winter.

The following is a list of perennials that perform at their peak during the fall season.

chrysanthemums – Usually abbreviated as “mums,” these are the traditional fall flowers sold potted in almost all grocery stores and national chains, as well as garden centers. Aside from being a seasonal pot plant, mother plants can make a great addition to the perennial garden when choosing varieties like the Minn series and the Mammoth series, both of which were developed in Minnesota. They are best planted in spring to develop a root system that can survive the winter, and many local garden centers sell starter mother plants in spring. Potsies sold in the fall are often not the best varieties for perennial gardens, but you have nothing to lose by trying, so plant them if you want and with a little winter protection, they could come back next spring .

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Mums make a bright addition to perennial gardens like this one at Northern Plains Botanic Garden, Fargo.

Michael Vosburg/The Forum

Purple Dome New England Aster – Perennial asters begin flowering at about the same time as mother plants and reach full vigour, when most other perennials have faded, and continue well after frost. In addition to Purple Dome, other varieties include lavender, pink, and blue.

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Tall Fall Sedum – Butterflies love this plant, which begins to bloom in late summer. Several varieties are available, mainly in shades of pink and pink. Sedum thrives in hot, dry locations and also tolerates poor soil.

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Russian Sage – Blue spikes bloom profusely above finely textured, aromatic foliage. Newer varieties are more compact than older varieties.

Joe Pye Weed – The standard type can grow six feet tall and wide, so choose the shorter three-foot version if space is limited. The light pink flowers are a butterfly and bee magnet.

ornamental grasses – The many species are at their best in the fall, when the seed heads develop intriguing colors and textures that are also scenically interesting in winter.

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Perennial ornamental grasses develop interesting seed heads and textures for fall coloring.

Michael Vosburg/The Forum

goldenrod – The sunny flowers are a great source of late-season nectar for bees and butterflies.

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Chelone (turtle head) – This easy-to-grow perennial displays unique lavender flowers that begin to form in September. The plant grows in a neat, dense clump.

helenium – Its warm colors of deep yellow, orange and burnt red go well with autumnal themes.

heliopsis – Its bright yellow flowers have earned it the nickname “false sunflower,” although the flowers are smaller. The plants are robust and the foliage is deep green.

Rose mallow, also known as perennial hibiscus – The huge, open flowers can reach the size of a plate in some varieties. Although they start blooming in mid-summer, these tropical-looking plants bloom well into fall.

Panicle Hydrangeas – Actually a shrub with woody stems, the pyramid-shaped flower clusters of many varieties develop rich colors in autumn. Garden centers sell many varieties with different heights and flower colors. Panicle hydrangeas grow best with at least half-day sun and appreciate a moisture-retaining mulch of bark chips. Popular strains include Vanilla Strawberry, Strawberry Sundae, and Quickfire.

shrub roses – Many hardy shrub roses will continue to flower into fall until the frost has killed. Look for strains that indicate repeat flowering.

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