The Bachelor recap: Season 27, Episode 1

The Bachelor's Zach Shallcross

Degree‘s Zach Shallcross
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The premiere of the new season Degreetwo hours of water purification are montages of exercise and wannabe influencers claiming to love a man they’ve never met—It’s always a little mental. Our new bachelor is Zach Shallcross, and the recurring line in the contestants’ outgoing intros is that he “has kind eyes.” A group of women also call themselves “Mrs. Shallcross of the future,” unflinching.

“Some people say, ‘Why is it just me?'” Zach admits in his voice. It’s a good question, the one I asked. Host Jesse Palmer says they chose him because he’s “a real man who came here looking for love and love alone.” Of course, Jan. Zach is as bland and generic as most of the men who have filled the Bachelor shoes before him-“freakin'” type of guy –but he has one interesting wrinkle (at least, that interests me): He is related to David Puddy.

If you don’t remember this amazing run by Zach in the last season of The Bachelorette, I will refresh your memory. On his birthday, Uncle Pat spoke in a deep voice that made me look at my phone and say, “Is that David Puddy?” Yes! Zach’s uncle is Patrick Warburton, who played Elaine’s boyfriend again. Seinfeld. This was never looked at in the show but it lives freely in my mind. I was hoping for a full segment with Uncle Pat in the premiere. Yes, he is invisible.

We get a counseling session with Sean Lowe, literally the only man in the history of the show who is still with his chosen winner. I’ll admit that I’m a fan of Sean Lowe and the way he smiles like a golden man. His season (all the way back in 2013, yikes) was the first season I watched Degree, and you’ll never forget your first one. Why is he not holding this show now?

The producers clearly want us to get Zach and Sean together. Ready to settle down! He wants a family! He’s a good guy™! Five minutes into the episode, three for me– the year got out of bed to go to the bathroom and he called saying he was shocked and wanted me to come and wipe his ass. Are you really ready to settle down, Zach? Are you ready to be responsible for wiping someone else’s butt?

The last line from Zach before we meet the women: “Am I worth this? I don’t know.” Perfect. No marks.

Then we meet many nurses and content creators and medical marketing reps in their mid-twenties. Zach has already met five of them After the last rosea detail I never remembered because my brain refuses to retain information about it Degree for more than three months. One of them, Briana, already has a rose (called an “American rose”), so she’s safe. Another, Bailey, tried to make him remember his name by calling him Bailey and everyday, and called him Bailen. At the end of the episode, my husband called him Balon Greyjoy (game of Thrones) or Balin (The Hobbit).

There is also Christina, who is five– old age and looks like a bad person; rodeo girl in Brooklyn; and family specialist Charity. It’s hard to get a good introduction video out unless you’ve survived a disaster or worked with children. At the limo doors!

The first car pulls up and the girls all cry “His!” at the top of their lungs before singing, “I’m beautiful. I am confident. I am strong.” together as if they were holding a meeting. First up is Jess, who is so adorable she looks like she could play a 15-year-old on a CW show. Her lack of hair extensions and heavy contouring makes me want to root for her, which is how the producers want me to feel. “You have such a big smile, so beautiful,” Zach said to himself as he entered the house. I know they made him do this for narrative purposes, but it still feels very strange.

There are common entries, but we struggle with common tactics. Someone gives him maple syrup. One looks at his crotch and says he knows everything is big in Texas. One girl brings a pig; Christina arrives on the party bus; Vanessa goes out to New Orleans trumpets. They are all tied together. Bailey (Balon / Balin) reminds him about that time he forgot his name, and it gets worse because they suffer one of the worst first kisses I’ve ever seen on this show. He promises to remember her name, but how funny it would have been if he had yelled, “See you later, Brenda!” when he comes in?

Briana is the last to arrive, and she’s wearing a stunning red dress covered in roses to match the roses she already owns. Good name, Briana. Zach says he likes her confidence, not realizing how easy it is for a woman to act confident when she feels safe. Once inside, Jesse shows up to ask Zach if he feels like he just met his wife. He says, “No, actually, do you have one?” Just kidding. He is actually saying, “My heart tells meI can have it.”

Zach walks into the mansion to talk to his group of 30 wives and begins, “I’m a family guy, football, and frozen pizzas.” It was made worse by the fact that he clearly repeated the speech and determined it was a successful opening line. Others could be cut and pasted anywhere else Degree a toast, and then the night is a blur of get-to-know-the-tricks and first kisses. Zach and Katherine bond about how they’re both “weird,” and is there anything worse than two hot people insisting they’re big weirdos? Christina lures him onto the party bus for a game of matching questions, including the all-important question “ddinosaurs or dragons? (Zach chooses dragons, much to Christina’s dismay.) Another woman makes him show his honest future father. He fides by changing a diaper on a baby doll, which he appears to be holding. Find that out at M3GAN sequence.

His first impression came to Gerer, who made a wonderful speech about wanting to live in Austin, the city where he lives. Their kiss turns into a fun session that inspires the funniest moment of the night. “Who is it?” someone asks as they try to check who Zach is kissing. “It’s that girl!” another woman shouts.

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Because this episode has to follow the same beats as all the premieres, someone has to fill the crazy role, and that person is Madison. They have a casual conversation, but his desire to get the first glimpse of the rose causes him to pull her back a second time and they both immediately see it as a bad thing. “I’m going to let you go,” Zach says to end their conversation the way I do when I’m on the phone with someone I don’t want to talk to anymore. Madison spends the night hanging around until she confronts Zach right before the rose ceremony, forcing him to throw away his minutes before he would have. I can’t believe I gave up my life for him! he cries to the producers in the driveway. Girl.

It’s time for the rose ceremony and it’s noon the next day. The sun is high in the sky as he delivers the roses. The people who go home are the ones we didn’t plant for, let’s be surprised! Once they’re gone, Zach says he’s here to find his best friend, which is apparently going to be the mantra of the season. I hope you’re a good friend of Zach’s—maybe another guy named Mike from high school-it gets a little annoying every time it comes.

Lost visions

  • I’m going to want them to stop calling him “Zach the Snack.”
  • In his introduction, Jesse says, “Yes, the entrance is blocked.” Is that what they do? Is it something people do?
  • As I prepared to make the point that The Bachelor is always forgotten, it took me at least 30 seconds to remember who the last Bachelor really was. Remember Clayton?
  • “What are you drinking?” someone asks Madison after her awkward kiss with Zach. “Not enough.” No, sure enough! Someone cut him off!
  • Kimberly tries to comfort Madison by saying her makeup is on fleek, a term I haven’t heard anyone use since 2015.
  • Jesse tells Zach, “A lot went down tonight.” Is that so? No one showed the boyfriend at home. No one brought a playbook. No one even fought! It was a normal, uneventful night, Jesse!


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