The Aldrich Announces 2023 Exhibitions and Programs

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is pleased to announce its exhibitions and programs for the coming year. In keeping with the museum’s rich history as a pioneering contemporary art institution, 2023 at The Aldrich will feature a series of exhibitions and projects by bold artists who push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Executive Director Cybele Maylone says: “2023 will, as always, be a year of firsts at The Aldrich, with first museum exhibitions and first releases for a range of artists, as well as first presentations of new bodies of work. But the year will also include one last one: 30 years after his first curatorial project for the museum, Richard Klein will conclude his incredible tenure at The Aldrich with the engaging group show Prima Materia.”

52 Artists: A Feminist Milestone On view until January 8, 2023

52 Artists: A Feminist Milestone revisits and celebrates the landmark exhibition Twenty Six Contemporary Women Artists, curated by Lucy R. Lippard and presented at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in 1971, a new list of 26 female identifying or non-binary emerging artists representing the development of feminist art practices over the past five decades. 52 Artists span the entire museum – the first exhibition in The Aldrich’s new building, which opened in 2004. 52 Artists: A Feminist Milestone is organized by The Aldrich Chief Curator Amy Smith-Stewart, who will bring together the up-and-coming six artists and independent curator Alexandra Schwartz with Caitlin Monachino, Curator and Publications Manager.

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Related events and programming

Performance Choreographed by Phoebe Berglund | Music by Celia Hollander
Saturday, October 22 from 5 p.m. to dusk
Rainy date: Sunday 23 October

Virtual Panel Discussion: Global Feminism
Wednesday, November 2 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m

Book release: 52 Female Artists: A Feminist Milestone
Saturday, November 19 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m

Related events and programming

Artist talk outdoors: David Shaw with curator Richard Klein
Saturday 24 September from 4pm to 5pm

Kathleen Ryan is the fourth edition of Aldrich Projects, a series of individual artists presenting a single work or a concentrated group of works by an artist on the museum’s campus every four months.

Aldrich Box
February 2023 to February 2024

The Aldrich Box is a year-long traveling exhibition series that is not tied to a physical space. This edition is the second in an annual series launched in 2021 during the pandemic.

Prima Materia: The Periodic Table in Contemporary Art is a group show presenting significant and diverse artworks representing 35 of the 118 elements of the periodic table by artists Matthew Barney, Edward Burtynsky, Rachel Berwick, Dove Bradshaw, Julian Charrière, Compound Interest, The Dufala Brothers , Ashley Epps*, Philip Grausman, Tom Lehrer, Bryan McGovern Wilson, Jeffrey Meris, Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, Cornelia Parker, Katie Paterson, Simon Patterson, Beverly Pepper, Winston Roeth*, Allison Smith*, Edward Steed, Carlos Vega, Eleanor White* and Robert Williams.

Hangama Amiri
February 5 to June 11, 2023

Combining painting and printing techniques with textiles, Afghan-Canadian artist Hangama Amiri weaves stories based on memories of her homeland and her diaspora experiences.

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Raven Crescent
June 25, 2023 to January 2, 2024

Sculptor Raven Halfmoon (Caddo Nation) questions the intersection of tradition, history, gender and personal experience.

Yvette Mayorga
September 10, 2023 to March 3, 2024

Yvette Mayorga’s work, which spans painting, sculpture, installation, and video, showcases a maximalist aesthetic rooted in personal narratives and family histories to examine the Mexican-American or Latino experience in the United States.

Chiffon Thomas
September 10, 2023 to March 3, 2024

Through embroidery, collage, sculpture, drawing and installation, Chiffon Thomas explores the fractures that exist where race, gender expression and biography are interconnected.

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Performance Choreographed by Phoebe Berglund | Music by Celia Hollander
Saturday, October 22 from 5 p.m. to dusk
Rainy date: Sunday 23 October

October is an abstract dance based on repetitive formal structures inspired by the work 4 in 3 by Cecile Abish, contained in 52 Female Artists: A Feminist Milestone Exhibition. Choreographed and performed by Phoebe Berglund who contributed to the work 52 artistsin collaboration with the dancers Elanor Bock, Emily Kessler and Jade Manns to the music of Celia Hollander. October will be performed live in the museum’s sculpture garden. The performance is organized by Education Director Namulen Bayarsaihan and Chief Curator Amy Smith-Stewart.

A panel discussion featuring artists Aya Rodriguez-Izumi, Kiyan Williams and Lizania Cruz, moderated by curator and writer Legacy Russell, author of glitch feminism and CEO of The Kitchen in New York City.

Celebrate the launch of the book 52 Female Artists: A Feminist Milestonea 192-page hardcover publication, edited with Gregory R. Miller & Co. This essential catalog includes essays by curators Amy Smith-Stewart and Alexandra Schwartz, an introductory text by Lucy R. Lippard, spreads by individual artists, and a complete exhibition checklist and installation photography from the original 1971 exhibition Twenty-six contemporary women artists and the current exhibition 52 Female Artists: A Feminist Milestone. A cross-generational group of artists from the 1971 and 2022 exhibitions will join us for a series of short talks at the galleries, including Cynthia Carlson, Dona Nelson, Loie Hollowell, LJ Roberts, Mary Miss and Rachel Eulena Williams.

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