“That’s a Bold Choice By Tom Brady”: Married to a Fashion Icon, 45-Year-Old Phenom’s Backwards Hat Gets a Hilarious Reaction From Legendary Football Insider

Everyone knows NFL legend and Tampa Bay Buccaneers star quarterback Tom Brady for three reasons. His exceptional football skills, rumors about his marriage and health. Tom Brady’s “TB12 Method” details the unique and carefully planned diet that allows him to achieve “top performance” on the field, even at 45. However, his recent appearance has left fans confused and concerned.

It all starts in Brady’s pre-Saints game interview. His weak looks and the “back hat” style in which he performs became the talk of the town. Though he appeared to show no symptoms or weakness during the interview, fans were quick enough to spot his gaunt face. What’s more, he repeated the same “back hat” style in yesterday’s press conference, drawing some eyes his way.

Aug 27, 2022; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) smiles during the national anthem before the game against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

In the show, Pro football talk, NFL Insider, Mike Florio attacked Brady. He said, “I’m no fashion expert but I would say the inverted hat, with the tuft of hair carefully manicured through the hole at age 45. This is a brave decision by Tom Brady.”


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While there’s obviously little concern among fans, the majority took to Twitter to poke fun at him as usual.

Tom Brady vs Aaron Rodgers: Will the Bucs get another win over the Packers in the Brady era?

During the press conference, Brady spoke at length about the locking horns with Aaron Rodgers, quarterback and resident legend of the Green Bay Packers. “He’s a great player, has been for a long time so I love watching him play and um you know he’s from California too so I feel like we always have a bit of a connection. “ he said.

Brady is the latest addition to the Bucs’ injury list but is expected to start in the Bucs’ first home game of the season. Brady picked up his injury in the 20-10 win over the Saints, where he recreated another famous moment: throwing his tablet. But apart from some discomfort during training, there are no reports of a major injury.

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This is an immense relief for Bucs fans who are already suffering from Mike Evans’ one-game suspension. And with new signing Cole Beasley tackling Brady and the Bucs plays, Monday’s duel will be a sight to behold.

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