Society Swan Deeda Blair Lifts The Veil On Her Signature Style In Her First Book

While the Billy Baldwin-adorned home of acclaimed DC doyenne Deeda Blair has been explored extensively by magazines, and while her classic gray-on-black bouffant and penchant for couture have been flaunted at high society’s chicest soirees for decades, is Much of the celebrity’s daily life and personal take on the prolific medical research advocate’s tastes has been a mystery.

Next month, with the release of her first book, Deeda Blair: Food, Flowers & Imaginationthe last true swan in America, invites you to take a seat to six “fantasy meals” in her impeccably appointed apartment on Sutton Place.

From her table setting to her fine, creative cuisine to her timeless fashions, the book is sure to be the ultimate status symbol for the coffee table.

Deeda, currently hitting the press in anticipation of the book’s release, drops all sorts of delicious quotes and intriguing glimpses into her elegant life.

When prompted W Magazine to reveal who is doing her iconic hairstyle – “Ha, you really ask? Well, I’ll answer: It’s a Czech woman in a neighborhood shop. She’s younger than me, but she’s older. She puts on the curlers and I sit under the dryer. Your grandmother probably made it. And I kept the same hairstyle because I can do it myself between appointments. I did five warm curlers before you came by today.

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In conversation with Harper’s Bazaar, she shared some of her culinary tips and tricks. “I’m more interested in food than I should be. I like to serve things that are not often served. Some of these are a kind of invention. I like to think up things that are unexpected. and I had a thick slice of a good tomato and then scallions and crème fraîche and spoon roe. And then a watercress shower. People said they had never eaten tomatoes with caviar and it’s a very good combination. I always plan menus with dessert first. Not true? I don’t like desserts that look like they came from a fancy bakery. I like it when they look quite different. I have a wonderful shape that swirls around and it’s like a pyramid. I came up with the idea of ​​filling it with ice cream and then scooping the inside out and filling it with ground chocolate and then we added chocolate topping on the outside. And it looks spectacular, but it looks natural.

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In the same piece, she also reflected on starting her life in couture, as well as her major fashion regrets!

“My parents took me on two separate trips around the world and I always went to Paris first just to have time to walk and visit bookstores and museums. I’ve found that I might fit in my 20s [same sizes as the] models, so I would go to Balenciaga and Givenchy. I often had to wait two months to get them [the clothes], but it was worth it. There’s something once you’ve put on a couture suit or dress – you know it’s going to stay in perfect order and look great because you’ve had three fittings, you’ve fitted it, and they’ve fitted it.

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“I’ve always said, ‘I wouldn’t like to do it exactly like the model,’ and Hubert was fine with that. I didn’t have it that easy with Balenciaga. But I never got bored of wearing it [the clothes] over and over again because they were just so much better. I don’t think there is anything that hasn’t been worn for three or four and sometimes 10 or 12 years. It’s about not being too flashy, you know? What I regret is the number I gave to museums, which I would now like to have. Suddenly no one is getting dressed.”

Find your signature hairstyle and stick to it, always plan your menus starting with dessert, and never donate your outfits to a museum!

Wise words for life, right?

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