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Roger Lyman Beales
Roger Lyman Beales

Roger Lyman Beales
Sept 26, 1947 – Sept 9, 2022

My soulmate was called home at dawn on September 9th, 2022.

How do you convey the gift of your life in mere words? I was truly blessed when Roger Lyman Beales came into my life 52 years ago. Born in Philadelphia, PA on September 26, 1947 to Mary Havens and Roger Webb Beales and became the beloved brother of Mary Janet Beales. Rog later spent many years of his young life in Severna Park, MD. As a young man he was an adventurer who enjoyed cross country and motorcycling competitions, cave diving, boating and all things outdoors, especially the sea. He was what you would call a deep thinker, especially about life, yet possessed a unique sense of humour, a love of the environment and peace.

After graduating from West Virginia Wesleyan University, Roger began a career in computing, enjoying 33 years at the DOD in Fort Monmouth, NJ. Computers also became a hobby, along with his passion for photography, books, model rockets, writing, art and an addiction to crossword puzzles. At Fort Monmouth, he enjoyed the camaraderie of his peers on the softball league, bowling team and Ft. Monmouth Motorcycling Club. In his career, Roger has received recognition for his services to his country many times for his support and good work.

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In 1974, Roger and Rosemary Lannon pledged their love to each other at St. Mary’s in New Monmouth, NJ. TOGETHER they created a lifetime of fond memories from the top of the Eiffel Tower; a carriage ride in Central Park; Tubing the Snake River of the Grand Tetons and beyond. God has given them two amazing sons, Roger David Lannon and Justin Havens, who have brought them much love and reflect His dignity.

Rog was a man who lived to spend time with his family and to share his love of God and nature with his sons. A Boy Scout himself, he proudly led them on the path to reaching Eagle and serving their community and church in Eatontown as he did. He later immersed himself in taekwondo and his life reflects his 5 tenets, especially integrity. As an active member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, he was honored for saving a life at sea. During the “golden years” they moved to the Sunshine State, where he continued to pursue his hobbies and was active in several clubs. As a member of the QUADS he developed a love of golf and for him his golf friends became his brothers.

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Life brought Rog and Roe one of its greatest blessings, two adorable daughters-in-law, Lizeth and Kathleen, and four precious granddaughters, Ahna Sofia, Victoria Rose, Emma Nicole and Olivia Kate. The grandchildren were THE light of his life and he enjoyed his time with them so much, swimming, reading, dancing and “sniffing”! No matter what time of day you met Roger, he was known to greet you with “Good morning”.

One morning a cloud passed over the sun and Roger bravely fought an uphill battle to stay with his loved ones for the next 8 months. This warrior certainly deserves a Purple Heart for all he has endured with such acceptance and dignity. How do you mend our broken hearts? It is a comfort to celebrate a life well lived and that we were able to have him in our lives and of course our love for him and the memories that will live on in our hearts and minds. “The moment of encounter is the moment of farewell. The moment of parting is the moment of meeting.” “Don’t cry, dry your eyes, can you hear the angels calling me home.” (from Angels Calling).

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Worship services will be held at 2 p.m. on September 26 at St. Vincent De Paul RC Church in Wildwood, FL. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Sierra Club, St. Vincent De Paul Church Food Pantry, Wildwood, Florida, PanCAN.

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