River-Labs, the New Generative Digital Art Marketplace Announces Keo-Xmen, Vahid Sharifian and Nunca as First Artists Being Offered

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE). generative digital art from established and emerging artists. The first offering from Valmorbida and curator Jordan Watts is Keo-Xmen, available for the month of November. A new artist is offered every month. The following two months will see other industry icons Vahid Sharifian (December) and Nunca (January).

Along with the artist rollout, River Labs announced the launch of river-labs.io, through his Global Mint Pass and FounderCard will be provided. Fans and collectors can sign up now for early information, notifications and access. The passes give members access to exclusive drops from heavyweight artists, the opportunity to own 1:1 digital and physical generative art, and access to members-only parties and events. FoundersCard holders also get access to the River-Labs physical club in Brooklyn with exclusive amenities.

Prominent graffiti/street artist from Brooklyn Blake Letham, or Keo-Xmen, began his career in 1979 and rose to become one of New York’s best known street artists along with Futura, Hambleton, Haring and Basquiat in the 1980s and is considered a major influence on Kaws and the modern day graffiti movement as well whole. A precursor to the street art movement, representing Retna, Futura and copyright holders of Richard Hambleton, Valmorbida recognized the impact of Keo-Xmen and the other artists made available on River-Labs.

Vahid SharifianStrongly influenced by surrealism and sexuality, s works have been exhibited around the world and in institutions such as the Chelsea Art Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Gwangju National Museum and the Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art in Denmark. In 2015 his work was presented in the Iranian Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale.

From Sao Paolo, Brazil, Francisco Rodrigues da Silva or “Nunca” is one of the world’s most recognized international street artists and the youngest artist to be featured in a major exhibition at Tate Modern in London.

“River-Labs combines culture and utility in the art world”, Valmorbida commented. “It strengthens the creative community and offers emerging and established contemporary artists a compelling opportunity to seamlessly enter an emerging market, act as an incubator and house their assets on the blockchain, while collectors who otherwise could not afford the original fine art can enjoy their own unique generative artwork. The option to own River Labs artists’ physical generative canvas artworks is an industry first, as is the ability for collectors and artists to interact in physical spaces like our Brooklyn Club. We have also decided to accept credit cards alongside cryptocurrencies to make the art accessible to everyone.”

Unlike anything currently available on the Web3 space, River-Labs will provide established and emerging artists with a platform that creates a long-term digital presence while preserving their legacy and value in both the physical and digital art worlds. River-Labs provides artists with automated royalties assignments and allows art owners to lease the rights to display on the Metaverse and virtual reality platforms.

In addition, Valmorbida is committed to establishing a non-profit River Labs organization to provide art education scholarships and opportunities for emerging artists, consistent with his many philanthropic efforts.

About River Labs:

River-Labs is a digital marketplace that houses art history and curates cultural programming for collective ecospheres rooted in contemporary and urban art. River-Labs will provide established and emerging artists with a platform that increases their relevance and builds a long-term digital presence, preserving their legacy in both the physical and digital art worlds. River-labs.io.

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