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Are you ever in a situation where you wish you had a little video camera in your head to record and capture a moment? Or a whole day? Just so you can revisit it at a time when you really need it or want to remember the feelings you had while doing it?

So I want you to read about a recent day I had. I want to evoke a memory in you that will make you feel better than anything else has ever done.

I can’t name the feeling I had: pleasure, joy, contentment, gratitude, love? Pride, abundance, amazement? Restoration, Healing, Curiosity? Miracle, Hope, Accomplishment? There are no words for this. only emotions.

It was a Wednesday, my usual day to pick up Tina from school after her early release. I’m thankful that we still have a few hours to be together these days. But today was different.

My daughter Colleen let me know the night before that her beloved guinea pig Chip had passed away. Tina was upset about this and wanted to do something for his funeral, which would be held that evening with her mother and father. So after we rolled into the playground so she could jump in my chair with me, we got in the car and drove to a craft store to look for something.

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What do you do for a dead guinea pig? A suitably large coffin! My thoughts were filled with sadness and compassion for my daughter’s little family, but also with a touch of good humor at the whole situation!

We ended up at Michael’s looking for some sort of box to decorate. They didn’t really have anything we liked. Tina was clinging to her stuffed puppy, Bluey, who was about the same size and size as Chip. Poor Bluey, stuffed in and out of various containers to no avail. (We also checked out the Halloween decorations while we were there for future projects.)

Since the Hobby Lobby was nearby, we decided to roll over in my power chair instead of moving the car again. Tina jumped back onto our means of transport and we continued. We passed Old Navy, the Party Store (please, can we have a quick look?) and a few other shops.

Since my chair can’t jump curbs (not for lack of trying), we had to do a lot of about-turns and throwbacks to get there. We had the biggest laugh over a ramp that went nowhere but straight into another curb!

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Finally we’ve made it. We searched Hobby Lobby, found the perfect size “coffin” box for Tina to paint and decorate, and a cross for me to paint and decorate. what we did

They came out beautiful – covered in rainbow colors, Chip’s name (written backwards – another story) and all his favorite foods painted on them. The funeral would be a success.

Soon it was time to drive Tina home to mom and dad. She immediately jumped out of the car to tell the neighbors all about the upcoming funeral and what she’d done for Chip.

On the drive home, I basked in how a sad situation had turned into a better one. Tina has the ability to do it.

When I got back home, I noticed my other son’s car in the driveway. Will Lily, my dear second granddaughter, visit me too? Could I be so lucky?

I rolled into the house for my husband Pete to shut me up. Lily slept in the playroom while my son Cale borrowed Pete’s pickup truck.

I began to barely stroke the soft hair on top of her head. She lifted her eyes to me, gave me a sleepy smile and fell asleep again. If you’ve never seen a child fall asleep in your arms, you need to do this. Total trust and unconditional love just flow from this child through my arms and body straight into my heart.

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Later, when the day was over, everyone back in their respective homes, I thought about my day. I was allowed to be with my two adult children and my two granddaughters and was now sitting in the unfinished extension we were building. Hopefully my 89 year old mother would move in there soon. One day, when Mom’s away and my MS could mean me living downstairs permanently, I imagine this to be my room with its cheery yellow walls.

This day was much better than most for many reasons. A real goalkeeper. Perhaps by reading this script to the video playing in my head you can pinpoint some of these reasons.

But why not turn on this video player in your own head and relive some of your best days too? I know you have some; we all do that.

Don’t be afraid to share them with your loved ones before you just can’t anymore. That’s why I’m sharing this with you.

Karen McCoy lives in talent.