Portland resident crowned International Mrs. USA during New York Fashion Week

Portland’s Whitley Nabintu Marshall returned to Manhattan to represent New England and compete for the International Ms. title in Times Square during New York Fashion Week. Whitley competed last year and came home 1st runner-up to receive the International Mrs. USA title and a special award for leadership. That year she returned home with the crown and was again honored with the Director’s Leadership Award.

Whitley Nabintu Marshall is an award-winning Portland-based artist, activist and entrepreneur who strives to connect communities through arts and cultural exchange and nurture a uniquely inclusive culture that fosters conversation and inspires compassionate action and makes an international impact. She was recently recognized by NYC Journal as one of the Top 30 Women Leaders to Watch in 2022 and was named one of the 22 Top Models of 2022 by Model Society Magazine and a VIP Model for Supermodels Unlimited Magazine. Whitley is a co-founder of several organizations including Green Initiatives and World Roots Culture Exchange and leads several social and environmental initiatives including the Compassionate Leadership Project. She is the owner and editor of Artlovelifestyle Magazine, a certified personal trainer at Anytime Fitness, co-director of Barefoot Truth Dance Company and a performing member of the Ikirenga cy’Intore Rwandan Cultural Troupe.

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Through her efforts, Whitley aims to raise the standards of beauty by hosting message-based True Beauty photoshoots and cover contests for Artlovelifestyle magazine that focus on the attributes of true beauty: compassion, strength, resilience, Diversity, authenticity and includes all shapes, sizes, shades, genders, ages and backgrounds. This fall she will be hosting the first annual True Beauty Awards to celebrate Artlovelifestyle Magazine’s 1 year anniversary. (www.artlovelifestyle.com) Along with new Mrs. Worldwide, Misty Coolidge, they recently hosted their First Annual Flowers that Feed Art and Fashion exhibition, where they were able to feed about 6,600 Mainers and are expected to more than double their numbers, with impact next year.

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