Porsche Put the Exhaust From a Sports Car on a Soundbar

The Porsche Design 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro hangs on a concrete wall.

If you prefer your home theater and audio equipment to be invisible and invisible in the room, you’ll want to move along, because 911 Soundtrack 2.0 Pro it is for those who want everyone to know that they have done it spent $12,000 on a sound system. It has Porsche written all over it—both literally and figuratively.

Even if you don’t have a need for speed and get the idea of ​​a car that happens frequently around an interesting track, the sound of a $100,000+ sports car is still interesting, and maybe it’s scary. For the Porsche 992 GT3, this roar comes from a highly modified engine that is paired with a purposefully designed exhaust to increase the engine’s sound.

Normally, the exhaust system of the 992 GT3 is hidden behind the rear wheel of the car and is only visible to those who want to climb under the vehicle. But Porsche Design, a branch of the automaker focused on bringing the company’s aesthetic to consumer goods, decided that the exhaust deserved some time in the spotlight, and put it front and center on the new 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro .

Covering the Porsche Design 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro's exhaust pipe.

Unfortunately, on sound bars, and welded steel work and polished chrome exhaust pipes do not work. As novel as it would be to get all the sound pumped through it, the soundbar just wouldn’t sound like $12,000 of high end audio equipment.

Above the exhaust system, which is hidden behind the mesh screen, is where you will find the 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro’s 300-watt array of speakers that provide a sound experience similar to 2.1.2 Dolby Atmos. Two speakers and a woofer fire directly at the listener, while two more speakers fire on the ceiling, reversing the background sound to trick the listener into hearing sound with more space. It’s not as satisfying as a true surround sound setup with speakers around the room, but it’s easier to set up and install, and sometimes cheaper—but that’s not the case here.

911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro also comes with 4K compatible HDMI ports, Bluetooth so it can be used as a wireless speaker, Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay 2, and Chromecast support, and can be connected to other sound bars of Porsche Design. for multi-room audio streaming. It will also be limited to a production run of just 500 units. You can order now through Porsche Design websitebut it won’t actually be available until January 1st, so if you put one on your holiday wish list, you might be disappointed not to have one under the tree on Christmas morning.


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