PC Requirements Reach New High As Popular PS5 Game Hits Steam

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Pop Questions for you PC users: A friend wants to build a gaming PC and wants to know how much RAM they should have. What would you say? 16GB for gaming is a safe bet, right? Maybe you can get it with 8, if you just want to play a lot of indie games and do daily math tasks? Well, you hope that imaginary friend of yours (not that you don’t have real friends, I’m sure) isn’t planning to play the upcoming PC version. Recurrence through according to the latest Steam game listRecommended specifications call for 32 gigabytes of RAM.

Originally released as a PS5 exclusive, Recurrence is one of the many Sony games coming to PC lately. Recurrence is a third-person roguelite shooter where you play as a space explorer trapped in an endless time loop. As the first PS5 title to show much of the promise of the system’s horsepower, it certainly deserves a PC release up until now. The word Recurrencearriving on the PC came during the long-running drama awards ceremony Last week, where it was followed by a list of Steam that included the recommended recommendations of a six-core machine (eight if you’re rocking AMD), a 2000 GPU series, 60gb of space (which is average, actually) and 32 gigabytes. of freaking ram in the year 2022. The future is safe.

To be fair, my minimum specification Recurrence seem a lot more tolerable, but they are still kind of high in the lamb department. A quad core CPU on Intel or AMD will do, and a basic GTX 1060 graphics card will be fine, but you still need 16gb of ram. For more details! I only got into PC gaming in 2016 or so, but even I know that the lowest specs are often limited to what’s left over from previous generations. And that means you, yes you, with the GTX 980 still in the tank, need to move on.

RecurrenceThe requirements seem to be pretty sharp for anyone who pays attention to this type of thing – which is what I thought of the following. Dead Spacethe smallest remake’s recommended specification of 16gb. Let’s put it into some context though.

In 2015, popular titles like Fallout 4 same to you The Witcher 3 eight gigabytes is requested on the minimum and recommended (min specifications on The Witcher they were only six gigabytes). Forward to 2019 again Resident Evil 2The remake asked for eight gigabytes on either mine or the parties’ recommendations. Cyberpunkwhich kicks the 32gb ram of my PC, eight CPUs, and 3000 series GPU’s butt, wants 12 gigabytes in most of 2020. After a year, gorgeous Forza Horizon 5 it is recommended to need 16gb of ram, as it was done Resident Evil A village. Now Recurrence (which doesn’t have a release date on PC yet) comes with double the requirement in a short amount of time.

Of course, the 32gb recommendation is inevitable because we can’t have enough good pixels. But if you consider that Recurrence was, the best, sleeper hit on PS5 and not, I don’t know, next Crisis or follower to Cyberpunk, the number feels very large. If nothing else, Returning Specifications are a sore spot as is PC gaming in general get more and more expensiveeven the crypto empire burned in the distance.


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