Overwatch 2’s ‘Sexual Harassment Simulator’ Made A Brief Return

Overwatch 2 image of tank hero Junker Queen looking into the camera.

Picture: Blizzard Actions

Trigger warning: harassment and abuse.

Which is not appropriate Overwatch 2 game The scene appeared again, but not the same be happy about. The mode, titled “Sexual Harassment Machine,” was played enough times that it appeared to be one of the most popular of the weekend for some players, according to pc gamer, which saw an appearance again before Blizzard quickly pulled it back.

Another “sex device” was discovered in October 2022, but both players were given the job of hitting the ground running. Overwatch 2Female heroes (like Mercy and Widowmaker) while playing as Cole Cassidy village and squatting in their bodies, apparently, like PC Gamer is reported, along with the word “rape…” until the character in question is labeled “pregnant” as the AI-controlled Torbjorn fulfills the role of a baby. This is disgusting on so many levels and not even funny, especially because players are forced to play as Cassidy, better known as McCreethe same name as the ousted developer Activision Blizzard who was involved The controversial “Cosby Suite” reunion.

A screenshot of the custom mode is posted to Overwatch‘s official subreddit by user Joyolo 13who simply asked: “What is in the name of God?”

“Lol I remember seeing this every day inside [Overwatch 1],” said Redditor sw1nky. “Can’t say I’m surprised it’s still here, [to be honest].”

“McCree is back in the game I guess,” said user FoulfrogBsc.

Kotaku he couldn’t find a normal game mode in it Overwatch 2 as it appears Blizzard has adopted a “sex machine” online-for now. Therefore, it seems that the company is aware that such a situation exists but it may be difficult to prevent it from appearing again in the game.

A Blizzard spokesperson said that “inappropriate or explicit content has no place in our game.” PC Gamer when the store asked about the first version of the situation last year. “We immediately removed the user-generated game mode as soon as we became aware of its existence. We continue to work to develop automatic filters to prevent inappropriate user-generated content, and to remove anything that the system doesn’t catch manually.”

Kotaku Contact Activision Blizzard for comment.

While this is at least the second time the “abuse simulator” has appeared in it Overwatch 2 in particular, the players note that such a situation exists in some form in the original Overwatch game. At that time, players PSAs are published to warn the community about the scary things. Of course, not all game modes created by players are interesting. However, this issue has come up more than once in a few months.


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