Unique platform launches to convert art and design projects into treasured creations for buyers to identify future designers and creators and nurture emerging talent

NEW YORK, September 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Students spend countless hours and high costs creating artworks and passion projects that are widely discarded. These can be converted into tangible assets to advance artistic careers and provide solid financial support. The first hybrid online marketplace and development platform connecting art and design students and graduates with global art consumers and connoisseurs, Otentu, is the new elegant solution to this huge gap in the art world. The platform has given students from the world’s leading art and design schools the opportunity to sell their art projects and unique creations to buyers looking to discover and support new talent. At the same time, Otentu solidly develops the commercial skills of the students.

“I was inspired to create Otentu when my daughter was in design school,” he says Lior Arussy, Founder, Author, renowned expert on business transformation and customer experience working with Fortune 500 companies. “I discovered that only 10% of art students make their living as artists and saw a clear and urgent need for a resource that would empower aspiring artists to democratize access to their passion projects and commissions. This innovative platform is committed to discovering and developing talented emerging artists and designers who are making the world a brighter and more hopeful place. When art projects and commissions translate into commercially viable works of art, the planet becomes healthier, the collector inspires, and the student supports. Everyone wins! “

Guided by an expert panel of advisors with expertise in art, design and branding, Otentu reviews each submission and guides students through selection to long-term success. Unlike other marketplace platforms, Otentu is committed to the professional development of its developers by providing guidance, key insights, and personalized advisors to support their success and accelerate their careers. The Otentu team works closely with students to align their creations with consumer needs and desires using data-driven business and trend analysis and people-based customer segmentation. By exposing students to real-world experiences, Otentu nurtures and encourages their artistic development.

“Otentu empowers young artists and creators to unleash their creativity and achieve fair value for their lifetime work,” he adds Milton Pedraza, CEO Luxury Institute and Otentu Advisor. “Artists want to focus on creating and not on supply chain and business issues. Otentu empowers artists to do what they love and do best, while backing them with a powerful business engine that optimizes their ability to be commercially successful and make a living. As a champion of creators, personal data rights and intellectual property, this decentralization and empowerment engine is a great fit for my advisory board and investment thesis for the 2020s.”

Art and design students and recent graduates up to five years after graduation from over 235 of the leading schools including Parsons School of Design, Rhode Island School of DesignGlasgow School of Art, Wimbledon College of Arts at University of Arts London, Royal College of Art and more can offer their creations for sale on Otentu. Otentu accepts creations in a variety of categories including art, photography, wearables, accessories, home decor, jewelry and more that have been homework, graduation projects or work outside of school. Each creation listed is an original, a one-off or a small series work.

For collectors, curators and buyers in the art and design world, Otentu offers a unique opportunity to invest in and own unique pieces by the new generation of creators, students and artists. Otentu’s platform empowers curators to be part of the incubation of raw talent, transforming their role from passive buyers to active collaborators.

The most dedicated and successful creators will receive a commitment from Otentu and will be invited to create limited edition collections with financial backing and platform support to incubate their personal brand.

To shop at Otentu or become a creator, visit us www.otentu.com

About Otentu

Otentu is the first online marketplace of its kind, a discovery and development platform that connects art and design students and graduates with world-class global clients looking to empower and discover new talent. Otentu democratizes and empowers the art world, encouraging student growth and careers. Otentu empowers both curators and creators to express individuality and be inspired. For more visit www.otentu.com


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