NVIDIA tells board partners to collect GeForce RTX 4090 cards affected by melting 16-pin power adapter

NVIDIA needs agency partners to collect and send damaged RTX 4090 cards to HQ

Igor’sLAB reports that NVIDIA has notified all AICs (Add-in-Card) partners to collect RTX 4090 affected by ‘melted’ 16-pin power connectors and send them directly to HQ.

NVIDIA is improving its response to new power adapter issues. Another story broke earlier this week after several users reported having problems with their RTX 4090 cards dying after the 16-pin/PCIe Gen5/12VHPWR power connectors and adapters melted, and they sometimes destroy the cards in the process.

Actually, this is not a good look for NVIDIA, whose logo is on every 4x 8-pin to 16 power adapter included with the cards. The issue of overclocking and, in some cases, the power connector appears to affect all the partners, so the issue is aggravated in NVIDIA.

Igor Wallossek confirmed to people familiar with the matter that NVIDIA has requested that all affected cards be sent to HQ for investigation. It is not clear whether this refers to NVIDIA HQ or AIC HQ, but it really shouldn’t be because both parties are able to find the root of this issue.

nVIDIA just notified all AIC this morning… All damaged cards need to be sent directly to HQ to determine the failure, this is the first time… Even a few years ago when the 2080 Ti had problems with Micron , they did not do this.

– Igor’s LAB

Igor believes that this issue is not caused by the bad bending of the power cable, and is not the result of exceeding the recommended usage. The issue may be the power adapter itself, which is faulty.

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NVIDIA 12VHPWR (PCIe Gen5 adapter), Source: Igor’sLAB

It is said that the adapter may have a fire-hazardous defect in the design. Bad numbers and unsafe solder can be the reason many adapters see overheating. The main concern is that on NVIDIA power adapters, some products may not be able to deal with the issue.

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Why NVIDIA’s 12VHPWR adapter has problems:

  • The problem is not the 12VHPWR connection as such, or repeated plugging or unplugging.
  • Standard power supply cables from the manufacturers of this are not effective until now.
  • The current problem is the NVIDIA adapter to 4x 8-pin in accessories, whose poor quality can cause failure and even cause damage in some cases.
  • Splitting each of the four 14AWG leads to each of the 6 pins in the 12VHPWR connector of the adapter by soldering them on bridges that are too thin is dangerous because the ends of the leads can break at the solder joint (for example, when kinked or bent many times).
  • Bending or running wires directly at the adapter connector puts too much pressure on the connectors and bridges, so they can break.
  • The internal bridge between the pins is too thin (due to the cross section) to compensate for the current flowing on two or three instead of four connected 12V lines.
  • NVIDIA has already been informed in advance and provided information and images in a silent way! directly to the R&D department.
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NVIDIA confirmed to The Verge that it is actively investigating the issue. The company has already promised to replace the first reported card. Other users should not worry about the replacement, but it will be recommended to take care of the cards during the game.

Source: Igor’sLAB (information), Igor’sLAB (research)


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