New Policies at Baltimore County Public Schools Sporting Events

BALTIMORE COUNTY — Some new guidelines are taking effect at Baltimore County Public School sporting events similar to the new rules Anne Arundel County saw last week.

A letter was sent to parents from Baltimore Public Schools earlier this week notifying them of the new guidelines, which went into effect Friday.

The band, the fans and the cheering for the team, it’s the feelings that come with the lights on Friday night.

Baltimore County Public Schools officials want to make sure these joys stay safe.

“We hope that our protocols will firstly create a safe environment and secondly encourage our parents to come out with their student athletes at 2:01,” said Michael Sye, the director of athletics at Baltimore County Public Schools.

The new rules, which will go into effect, include requiring elementary and middle school students to be accompanied by an adult, spectators being barred from entering the game after they exit, and people not being allowed to remain on school grounds after the game.

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There will also be a policy that no violence or criminal behavior will be tolerated, resulting in them being removed from the premises and not being allowed to return to sporting events for 90 days.

“I was a little concerned at first, but when I thought about some of them, when I thought about all that was happening on the news this week with the bomb threats, I felt better safe than sorry,” said Michelle Davis.

Michelle Davis has twins who are freshmen at Pikesville High School. She says she agrees with the new rules but has a problem with the no return policy.

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“I think that’s really an inconvenience when you come to games, especially when you buy your tickets online and provide proof of your electronic submission, so I think it’s an inconvenience not allowing someone to get back into the game to come inconveniences because you don’t know what a person has to go for,” Davis said.

Backpacks are also not allowed in games to ensure no dangerous objects are brought in, some parents agree this is for everyone’s safety.

“I think it’s unfortunately necessary, you’d think it’s common sense, but unfortunately it was a little bit scarier, a little bit more intense, at those games. So I think with the stricter rules and everything, hopefully it’ll be a little bit safer,” said Amanda Warren, whose child attends Sparrows Point High School.

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“Anything that takes care of the people, the kids, and the parents will be beneficial as long as it doesn’t get too complicated,” said George Martin, attendee of the Pikesville football game.

The new rules follow a shooting near Milford Mill High School earlier this month that killed a 14-year-old, but Sye says the two are unrelated.

“Our reasons for creating raising logs have nothing to do with the Milford Mill incident. We’re really trying to take a proactive approach to provide the safest environment for our student-athletes,” Sye said.

The letter also states that additional staff will be present at these games, including security assistants.

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