NBA 2K23 All Fashion Trivia Answers

As NBA 2K23 players progress through Story Mode, they will encounter Yolanda and Sabine. In order to conquer the fashion district, players must answer a series of fashion-related trivia questions. Here are all NBA 2K23 Fashion Trivia Answers and Questions.

fashion trivia 1

Who makes the Birkin bag?
Answer 1: Hermes.

Which shoe manufacturer was the first to put a microchip in their sneakers?
Answer 2: Adidas.

What did the Nike logo originally want to convey with its look and style?
Answer 3: Movement.

Fashion trivia 2

Which streetwear company is known for its logo that looks like two U’s, one of which is upside down?
Answer 1: under armor.

Who was the very first NBA player to wear their own signature shoe?
Answer 2: Bob Cousy.

Which economist coined the term “conspicuous consumption” in 1899?
Answer 3: Thorstein Veblen.

Fashion trivia 3

What resale marketplace was founded by a whole bunch of people, including Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert?
Answer 1: StockX.

What was the original color of the Yeezy 350s?
Answer 2: Turtledove.

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Which brand designed a totally cute and iconic backpack for Swedish school kids in 1970?
Answer 3: Fjallraven Kanken.

Fashion trivia 4

Which company produces Air Jordans?
Answer 1: Nikes.

What luxury brand that everyone knows today but was originally known for making travel cases?
Answer 2: Louis Vuitton.

Who designed the Peter Saville parka, not the one Sabine got in Chinatown for thirty-five dollars, the real one?
Answer 3: Raff Simons.

Fashion trivia 5

Which label’s iconic logo is like the little heart with eyes on it?
Answer 1: PLAY Comme des Garçons

The shoe museum with the largest shoe collection is the Bata and in which city is it located?
Answer 2: Toronto.

When Heron Preston was doing his UNIFORM project, who was he collaborating with?
Answer 3: The NYC Department of Sanitation.

Fashion trivia 6

What was the name of the former basketball player who Converse hired almost 100 years ago to help design their most iconic sneaker?
Answer 1: Chuck Taylor.

Which Japanese streetwear brand was founded in 1993?
Answer 2: BAPE.

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What is the name of the streetwear line by brothers Edwin and Salmee, whose last name was Faeh?
Answer 3: Carhart WIP.

Fashion trivia 7

Which iconic streetwear logo was based on how the founder signed his handcrafted surfboards?
Answer 1: Stussy.

Which brand was founded by Jerry Lorenzo?

Answer 2: fear of god.

According to Tinker Hatfield, what was the inspiration for the Air Jordan X?
Answer 3: Mowing machine.

Fashion trivia 8

With Nike kicks, yes? The originals used a household appliance to make the soles. name it.
Answer 1: waffle maker.

Which two shoe companies were born out of a dispute between two brothers?
Answer 2: Adidas & Puma.

What is the name of Brendon Babenzain’s brand?
Answer 3: Noah.

Fashion trivia 9

Fenty is a fashion house founded by which singer?
Answer 1: rihanna

Which sneakers were the first to be mass-produced?
Answer 2: keds

When Nike planned to discontinue the original Air Force 1, which city’s retailers saved it by offering color of the month drops?
Answer 3: Baltimore.

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Fashion trivia 10

Which Red October sneaker by which designer sold out in seconds?
Answer 1: kanye

Back in 1984, Michael Jordan and Nike had just launched the original Air Jordan shoe. Michael wasn’t allowed to wear the original Jordans in an NBA game because they broke a specific and now-repealed rule. What was the rule violation that caused the original Air Jordans to be banned?
Answer 2: Colors not allowed.

Back in 2018, PrettyLittleThing partnered with this OG hip hop brand. it was fire Probably one of the best collaborations in streetwear history. Who was this brand that made it so fiery?
Answer 3: Kark Kani.

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