“My girlfriend designs my racing helmets” – Valtteri Bottas reveals Tiffany Cromwell has the creative acumen in helmet designs

Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas has revealed that his girlfriend designs the helmets he wears in Formula 1 races.

Bottas has been in a relationship with Australian cyclist Tiffany Cromwell since 2020. The latter is often seen at Botta’s F1 races, and the Finn himself takes part in his partner’s cycling events on several occasions.

Earlier this year, Bottas was spotted supporting Cromwell at one of their cycling tournaments, warming the hearts of the F1 community. It is clear that they are very close and share a strong bond.

Bottas recently attended the PIT STOP Podcast along with his Alfa Romeo teammate Guanyu Zhou. The two talked about life in and outside of Formula 1, as well as their interests and hobbies. The hosts asked them what they would do if they hadn’t been F1 drivers. Bottas revealed that his choice would definitely be a hockey player.

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Zhou, on the other hand, admitted that he would not engage in sports at all. Instead, the Chinese rider would have his own brand and launch his clothing line.

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Tiffany Cromwell designs F1 helmets for Valtteri Bottas

Zhou is very interested in fashion and his dream job outside of Formula 1 is definitely in this field. The rookie Alfa Romeo driver added that as an F1 driver, he can only try out his fashion ideas on his racing helmet.

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Back then, Bottas revealed the person who designed his racing helmets. It’s none other than his girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell.

“My girlfriend designs my racing helmets,” said the former Mercedes driver. “She is. She’s like a hobbyist designer, so it’s pretty cool.”

Bottas joined Alfa Romeo in 2022 after spending five seasons with Mercedes. The 33-year-old played a key role in the team’s five consecutive Constructors’ Championships during his time at Brackley. He also won 10 races with the Silver Arrows.

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However, the Finnish driver wanted more stability for his F1 future and Mercedes were unwilling to offer him a multi-year deal, which Alfa Romeo did. As a result, he moved to Hinwil, a place where he insists he is happy and confident.

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