My friends say I need to leave my wife

DEAR ABBY: My wife died two years ago. Shortly thereafter I met a woman. We were together for a year, had the same hobbies and were very intimate. We were inseparable.

Now after a year of marriage we don’t hang out together and she’s gained 30 pounds. Her three girls, who I should think were independent at age 20, 22 and 24, are actually partially assisted by her. Her 15 year old son lives with us and just stays in his room and plays on the computer. He gets food delivered and doesn’t do chores.

I make $250,000 a year. She works and makes about $50,000 and I give her an allowance to pay for her son’s private school and whatever else she wants.

It’s obvious that I’m not number 1 in her life. Since she just got back from a girls’ weekend (which I sponsored), I might not even be number 2. Also, she goes berserk when I go near her phone.

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My friends tell me to run away, she’s a gold digger who took advantage of me. I can’t believe I was so wrong and I always give her “one more chance”.

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