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The second edition of Festival of Military Literature scheduled to begin October 2nd. army Veteran and curator of the festival, Major General HK Singh speaks to Aditi Singh about the literary festival and the issues the panel will address. Excerpts:
How did the idea of ​​the military literature festival in UP come about?
When I retired in 2013, I started attending literary festivals across the country and found that nothing was being said about military issues or related aspects such as war, conflict, security and peace. The concept was mainly developed in 2015. The idea received a boost when the curators of the Khushwant Literature Festival appreciated it, followed by Punjab’s first Military Lit Fest. We established our Military Literature and Cultural Festival Foundation (MLCFF) in Lucknow, made up of army veterans, authors and journalists. The first season of the festival was launched on August 15, 2021.
What is the theme of the second edition?
Our theme is ’75 Years of Independence and Armed Forces‘. Through sessions, debates and interactions we will go back in history beginning with the Battle of Plassey in 1757, through the First War of Independence in 1857 with a focus on Kanpur, through to the Freedom Movement up until 1947.
Who will be on the panel? What topics will the panelists address?
The second edition will be divided into two phases with five sessions in October and six in November. At the first session in October, Col. Ajay Kumar Raina, Phunsog Agmo, will speak with Maj. Gen. Nitin Gadkari on the recent Mahavir Chakra recipient and great warrior of independent India, Col. Chewang Rinchen and the 1947-48 period in Jammu and Kashmir. The second session will discuss a “decade of war and violence” related to the 1962 and 1965 wars with military historian Shiv Kunal Verma and author Sudeep Chakravarti. In another session, writer Pramod Kapoor will shed light on the Indian Navy mutiny of 1946, when over 20,000 naval non-commissioned officers took up arms against the British. We will have talks in November
including “Kanpur 1857: Andrew Ward Talks to Mehru Jaffer”, “Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Armed Forces in 75 Years” and “Ukraine Crisis”.
Will the festival be held virtually again?
Yes. However, we are planning to host 2-3 live sessions for better interaction with our audience.
How do you want to expand the festival in the future?
By next year we will be fully live. Uttar Pradesh has made an immense contribution to the Indian Armed Forces. We have over 4,000 Army veterans, martyrs and those still serving. The plan is to showcase the state’s contribution, invite families of martyrs and those currently serving to share their experiences. A big event is planned for this. We are also expanding the festival to Pune, which has been in an incubation phase for some time.
What is your vision?
The ultimate goal is to raise awareness among young people not only of the history of war, but also of the need for security and peace.
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