KY’s Favorite Fashion Trend

I don’t care if shoes are ugly. If they’re comfortable, wear them everywhere. And I speak from experience. I have a pair of shoes that I find pretty unattractive, but they’re also my most comfortable pair.

I have a similar attitude towards clothes. Unless I’m going to a formal or semi-formal place, I’m not allowed to iron. For one, I hate ironing. And my attitude is, “It’s clean, okay?” No, I don’t wear anything that looks like it’s balled up, but you know what I mean.

However, Crocs won’t get comfortable by ironing, pulling, poking, or throwing against the wall. I do not like her. I have tried. And I see them everywhere, so I know people swear by them. But I’m not one of them. Also, they make my feet sweat, which is disgusting.

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And yes, they’re ugly, but I’ve already explained that it doesn’t matter.

And to other Kentuckians that I disagree with, it doesn’t matter. According to a poll, Commonwealth residents seem to have voted Crocs their favorite fashion trend.

And Kentucky residents are clearly not alone. Our neighbors to the south are big fans too, as are a lot of people living west – and that would work; Extremely low humidity means less foot sweat.

But our neighbors to the north are into UGGs and Birkenstocks. Here, too, everything revolves around COMFORT. These two brands have rarely been accused of being attractive to the eye, but they are wowed by everyone I’ve ever known who has owned them… especially Birkenstock.

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Who knows? Maybe I should wear socks with the Crocs. This guy does and raves about them.

All I know is that summers get pretty hot in Kentucky. (Thankfully, as I write this, we’re enjoying the first day of fall and put all that nonsense behind us.) And then Crocs are in force.

By the way, here’s how conducted their survey.

We surveyed 1,003 Americans on May 31, 2022. The gender breakdown was 48 percent males, 49 percent females and two percent non-binary people. The age distribution was 13 percent Baby Boomers, 23 percent Gen X, 45 percent Millennials, and 19 percent Gen Z. To find the unique fashion and beauty trends in each state, we ran a Google search analysis of a total of 48 fashion and beauty trends across 50 states .

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To me that explains pretty much everything. Millennials were the majority age group. I’m Gen X and we only made up 23% of the respondents. And I wasn’t one of them.

And maybe you just can’t walk past me. I can’t wear flip flops either; I hate everything between my toes.

No, I’ll just keep wearing my super comfy Skechers no matter how old they are. They go with nothing, but they’ve never let me down.

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