Kinetic gives $5,000 to 4-H club for Granville butterfly garden

High-speed Internet provider Kinetic donated $5,000 to Licking County’s Ace of Clubs 4-H on September 6 to establish and maintain a butterfly garden in Granville.

“We are thrilled to be working with the 4-H Club to create a beautiful public butterfly garden at Kinetic Park,” said Susan Schraibman, Kinetic’s president of government operations, as she presented club advisor Susan King with a check for $5,000 .

“This butterfly garden will provide an ideal environment for these beautiful and important butterflies to thrive,” Schraibman said.

King said she was thrilled with the donation and said the gift shows Kinetic’s commitment to the local community.

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“We really appreciate Kinetic’s support, which shows how dedicated Kinetic is to Granville and Licking County,” she said. “This generous gift will help empower our 4-H’ers to develop agricultural and environmental citizenship, leadership, responsibility and life skills.”

The butterfly garden will grow in front of a colorful mural in the mini park adjacent to the Kinetic retail store at 131 W. Broadway and adjacent to Village Hall.

Members of the 4-H Club will remove weeds from the mini-park, improve the landscaping and plant beds with butterfly-friendly plants native to Ohio. These plants are said to include hyssop, rose spurge, purple coneflower, sweet-scented Joe Pye weed, bee balm, and black-eyed susans.

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“These host and nectar plants are essential to the butterfly’s life cycle,” King said.

Butterflies are important pollinators, transporting pollen for plants to thrive and set seed. But butterfly habitats are increasingly being impacted by deforestation and the widespread use of pesticides, as well as climate and weather changes.

By planting this butterfly garden with native plants, we are helping the endangered monarch butterfly, as well as many other species of butterflies, insects and other pollinators,” King said.

Kinetic’s donation is the latest example of the company’s support for non-profit organizations in the Granville area. In October 2021, the company donated $1,000 to Hope Farm Granville, which provides therapeutic horseback riding services to children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities.

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Kinetic recently rolled out its ultra-fast internet to more than 24,000 homes and businesses in Licking County. The company plans to accelerate its growth in the county, with expansions in Granville, Newark and Hanover expected to add approximately 5,000 more fiber optic sites by 2024.

The Company has installed approximately 300 miles of fiber optic cable in Licking County since 2020 as part of its multi-year, $2 billion private equity investment in Kinetic’s 18-state footprint.

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