Kardashian fans slam Kim’s ‘awful’ new hairstyle and fear she ditched her A-list glam squad

KARDASHIAN fans have been tearing up Kim and her new go-to hairstyle, and fear she may have parted ways with her glam squad.

The reality star has been rocking a simple yet controversial hairstyle for a while.

Kardashian fans teased Kim about her new hairdo


Kardashian fans teased Kim about her new hairdoPhoto credit: Getty Images – Getty
Some fans fear she may have parted ways with her glam team


Some fans fear she may have parted ways with her glam teamPhoto credit: Getty

Kardashian fans have noticed how many times Kim has donned the same elegant style — a casual bun with long and loose ends of her hair — and they’re not happy.

On an online forum, one person joked, “Millions in the bank but your HAIR says DIFFERENT.”

Many others seemed to agree, with someone else writing: “This makes me feel super secure in my hair. I may not be a ‘billionaire’ but at least my hair doesn’t look like crap once I’m dressed.”

Someone else speculated, “Guys… maybe she’s broke… think about it. She styles herself and does her own hair/makeup.”

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“Your hair looks awful. Like she put her head in a bowl of Clorox. Girls do something with it,” one commented.

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Another wrote: “I’m so offended she’s doubling down on this monstrosity.”

“My bun looks like this after I’ve been cleaning the house and haven’t had time to fix it all day,” joked another fan.

Someone else asked, “How does her hair look sticky and dry at the same time?!”


That idea caught on among Kardashian supporters, with another chiming in, “It’s possible they have such a bad reputation among professional stylists/makeup artists that no one wants to work with them anymore.”

Others said if she hadn’t already fired her team, she should.

“She has to fire Chris [Appleton]. Should have fired him,” criticized one commenter.

Another wrote: “The sad thing is that she paid someone for this monstrosity.”

Someone else joked, “Chris Appleton hates her outright.”

Kim’s looks, including her style and figure, have been dominating the conversation lately.

Mrs mosquito

Earlier this week, the SKKN moguls performed with an ensemble that got people talking.

The TV personality wore a low-cut black bodysuit, loose-fitting black pants and a matching ankle-length trench coat.

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She wore her platinum blonde locks in a tight bun and accessorised with a pair of pointed silver heels and a pair of light blue oval sunglasses.

Photos of the Hulu star’s attire have been circulating online, where many fans have shared the same thoughts about her look — particularly her one-of-a-kind sunglasses.

“She’s in her mosquito era,” one person commented in an online thread.

“I was going to literally say she looks like a bug,” echoed another.

“I hate those ugly 90’s sunglasses she wears with every friggin’ outfit. More than half of these outfits would be beautiful without these glasses,” ranted a third.

“Okay, I can dig this. It gives off a casual vibe,” defended a fourth fan, before addressing Kim’s hairdo and accessories.

“But I just don’t fuck with my hair. And the sunglasses give the outfit a cheesy look,” they added.

“Oh, I really love this! Without the glasses. Don’t like them,” agreed another.

“Obsessed. Except [for] the sunglasses,” another interjected.


Critics weren’t fans of Kim’s accessory choice Tuesday, either, after she appeared on Good Morning America with interesting earrings.

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Upon closer inspection, the black, dangling rectangles turned out to be mini Balenciaga credit cards.

According to the Balenciaga website, “The black dangle earrings appeared on t-shirts and jewelry during the SS20 runway show, which featured a satirical take on corporate codes.”

Still, the $425 earrings didn’t impress fans, who ripped up the SKIMS founder’s fashion trend online.

“What the heck is Kim Kardashian wearing for her earrings? Credit cards?” one fan tweeted.

“Are you enabled for contactless payments? Does she pay with her head at the payment terminal? How does this work?”

“Kim, whatever those earrings are, no matter what they cost, just take them off and throw them away!” another asked.

“I couldn’t read what it said but you can bet it’s an ad. a third said bluntly.

In addition to promoting her new private equity firm, SKYY Partners, Kim also spoke about what fans can expect from the upcoming season premiere of The Kardashians.

“We didn’t do any promos for it,” the TV star shared of the premiere episode.

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“We won’t. It’s like a really seriously deep, vulnerable episode that we haven’t talked about.”

She told host Michael Strahan: “I think people will be really surprised and hopefully they will enjoy watching the first episode.”

The reality star has rocked a casual bun with even the most stylish of looks


The reality star has rocked a casual bun with even the most stylish of looksPhoto credit: Getty
Fans have also ripped her over her sporty shades


Fans have also ripped her over her sporty shadesPhoto credit: Getty Images – Getty
Critics recently compared Kim to a mosquito


Critics recently compared Kim to a mosquitoPhoto credit: Getty Images – Getty

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