Jessica Simpson says she had a secret romance with ‘massive movie star’ in 2006

Jessica Simpson opened up about a secret romance with an undisclosed movie star.

Jessica Simpson opened up about a secret romance with an undisclosed movie star. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Jessica Simpson did not share everything in his best-selling autobiography Open the Book. In a new Amazon origin story, the singer revealed a secret romance she had with a “big movie star” years ago. The entertainer revealed a lot about their relationship – how they met, where they kissed for the first time and how things ended – but did not reveal the name of the mystery man.

In a short, aptly titled story A movie, Simpson said it all started in early September 2001 at the MTV VMAs after party. She was on break from her boyfriend Nick Lachey and was a hot item in the industry.

“I was dodging calls from two guys, one from NSync, one from the Backstreet Boys,” he wrote.

Simpson was avoiding other music executives at the bash when his bodyguard, who was the star’s trainer, spotted a famous face in the crowd.

“This is Jessica,” said the guard as he introduced her to Movie Star.

“I know,” replied the player.

“He gave me a different hug – kissing famous people and held for a few seconds longer than I expected. As one of our friends, my bodyguard, was talking, this megastar, who I grew up thinking was very hot, looked me up and down. As he released me with his eyes,” wrote Simpson.

The Movie Star and Simpson engaged in small talk and he thought, “This is something like a hit.” The singer said that apart from Lachey, “no man has ever looked at me in a provocative way. At least I wanted to look at me like that. He put his hand on my waist and leaned in so you can hear him better.”

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The two quickly met at a gym in Los Angeles where he got the Movie Star’s number – but she didn’t call. Simpson finally reconciled with Lachey days later on September 11, 2001. As he wrote in Open the Book, the two went on to marry and divorce publicly. He found himself single again in 2006.

In Simpson’s short story, she talked carefully about avoiding the advances of other famous handsome men after the Lachey split. A guy she called a RomCom, a “romantic comedy actor” and a “southern jerk,” slipped her a hotel key without saying a word. But according to Simpson, “it was the guys who treated me like marriageables” that were “more dangerous.”

A “producer type” tells Simpson that she has a mysterious bachelor to set her up with. “I have someone behind you, and you don’t know that,” said the man. The man “pulled out his Nokia” and decided to connect Simpson and Movie Star.

Simpson briefly met the mystery actor at the Beverly Hills Hotel while preparing for an awards show. In one of the bungalows, they kiss for the first time.

“I felt this hot waterfall all the way down my body, from the tips of my toes to my thighs,” Simpson recalled.

“He sent me a message at every award show. This event was so big that it made me feel special that every beautiful woman in Hollywood was there and wanted me. In fact, there was another beautiful woman in his life: his daughter. ” he wrote. “Shortly after that, I saw a photo of the movie star on the red carpet with him. I was not a woman for a million years.”

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Movie star confirmed Simpson relationship “completely” over, but did not want the press to know. The two continued dating and were hanging out together in clubs around Los Angeles and the Movie Star did not hide that he was chasing the singer.

“While a lot of guys were told by their management teams to get away from me or get into my fame, he was an experienced Hollywood vet, with a bigger reputation than mine,” Simpson said. “He had achieved levels of success that no one else would ever achieve, so he didn’t have people telling him what to do. And I loved that about him. He was honest.”

Another clue about the identity of the actor: Simpson noted that “they had different beliefs, but the same respect for God.” It looks like the Movie Star talked to a doctor about how he wants to sleep Newlyweds star.

Simpson insisted that while they were dating, the two never had sex – but not for lack of trying on the part of the Movie Star. He flew her on a private jet to the east coast for a romantic encounter while filming a movie. As their secret relationship continued, the actress remembered meeting him at the hotel, but was ordered to climb a fire escape to get to her room. Later, he realized that it was because he wanted to “hide me from his chick” and not from the press.

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“There was drama between them, and I wasn’t going to be a part of it anymore. I met him in a physical and flirtatious way, but now I’m going to be the worst of every woman in the world, and that didn’t happen. I feel good,” said Simpson. He did not take the Movie Star out of the room his, but “we never had sex.” Simpson wanted to end things on his terms.

“He lied to me, saying I was alone, but I was honest with myself. So, maybe, going forward, I didn’t want to feel as insecure as I thought,” Simpson shared. He left the next day without saying a word to the unnamed actor. “That was the first time I felt real power since I got married, and it was mine alone.”

Simpson didn’t walk away empty-handed, though.

“I needed a trophy for this success, so I took the pillowcase he slept on. I didn’t care if it was creepy or if he had to pay for it … and it would send a message: this was fun, but. now I have your memory,” wrote Simpson.

The Movie Star called him, but he did not pick up.

“Why would you leave me?” he asked via voicemail. “I can’t believe you got up and left me like this.”

Simpson said “it was the beginning of me learning to love myself completely.” The actress found someone to love her completely, too. Simpson has been married to NFL player Eric Johnson since 2014. They share three children: Maxwell, 10, Ace, 9, and Birdie, 3.


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