iQIYI Holds Second “iQIYI HACK DAY,” Demonstrating Commitment to Tech-empowered Entertainment

BEIJING, October 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — iQIYI, the leading online entertainment service in Chinaheld the second iQIYI Hack Day contest from Sep.5 to 22 Oct, reinforcing iQIYI’s commitment to technology-enabled entertainment. Themed “Introducing the Future of Fun,” this year’s iQIYI Hack Day concluded just before in China Planners Day with 24 Oct.

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Creating a platform to lead innovation and tech-enabled use

IQIYI Hack Day is unique because it requires all contestants to submit a specific product application or demo of their creative ideas, which can lead to real-life applications.

LIU Wenfeng, Chief Technology Officer of iQIYI, said: “iQIYI Hack Day aims to provide a platform for technology enthusiasts to develop expertise from all fields of technology and propose the effective implementation of new ideas. I am very impressed and motivated by this year’s entries as the Projects have never have shown an ambitious mindset in turning new ideas into reality, but have shown concern for business logic, commercial models, and user value delivery – and I believe that beyond the competition, such a spirit of innovation is integrated into our daily work.”

Compared to last year, this year’s competition featured competitors from a wide range of IQIYI departments, demonstrating that strong technical talents are embedded throughout the company. The event attracted the participation of 177 technology enthusiasts from within the company across the country who formed 44 project teams focusing on different technologies.

This year’s Hack Day featured a variety of tracks. As the competitors of this year’s Hack Day focus on their projects whether it is practical experience, technological tools, social collaboration, virtual production / game, blockchain / digital collection / Web3 or consumption / monetization, they are encouraged to innovate in cutting-edge categories that are very important for the future of entertainment.

Celebrating innovation-driven and effective entertainment solutions

The philosophy of using tech-enabled innovation to provide users with premium content and viewing experience supports this year’s IQIYI Hack Day, which shows a strong focus on new technology and practical applications. Some groups focus on making the audiovisual experience more accessible to a wider audience, while others dedicate their projects to thinking about new entertainment experiences possible in the future.

The projects presented a wide range of creative ideas equipped with technology, including allowing families to remotely assist their elderly relatives who may experience technical challenges while viewing content, allowing real-time video communication using avatars, using metaverse technology in business. content, and allowing eye movements to control video playback.

“From advanced algorithms to smart products, the entries showed clear new directions that the integration of cutting edge technology and content production can take. The projects are well placed to promote new business opportunities,” said Liu.

Over the years, iQIYI has made continuous efforts in new technology, bridging the gap between imagination and reality with tech-driven solutions to bring users premium content and quality viewing experience. By introducing interactive features such as “Chat Together,” “Rhythm Mode,” active video, and “Clear Image MAX,” iQIYI has pushed the boundaries of innovation and has remained committed to creating an immersive audio experience for users. iQIYI has developed technologies such as virtual production to improve the efficiency of content creation and advance the production industry. in China film and television.

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