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Design has made many contributions to the world, much more so in the field of journalism. Although it may seem like the last little detail of every release, it is the structure of a clean or personalized product.

The organization, use of color, and placement of graphics are all important to grab the audience’s attention. Whether for a social media ad or a modern day magazine, designers tend to bring their own personal take on what is seen on a daily basis.

Being able to create any type of design has always been a part of my life. From learning to graphically create 3D figures in fourth grade, to designing clothes in my freshman year of high school, to creating my senior yearbook as Editor-in-Chief this year, design has been with me everywhere.

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Teaching to master the concepts of design during elementary school allowed me to understand it and grow into a deeper love for it. This area of ​​design usually provides a platform for brilliant ideas to be freely expressed for readers and audiences to enjoy.

As a freshman major in communications at UTEP, my ultimate goal is to hopefully break into journalism as a reporter.

Although design has been a big part of my life, listening to people and making sure their voices are heard has been my passion. The media has taken over a large part of what we learn and use in society. For this reason, I believe it is crucial to experience the full truth, connect with it and share it with those around you.

I was part of the Pebble Hills High School year letter every four years where I not only learned to use my voice, but could contribute my ideas to the design and receive criticism, where I learned what was more accessible than using different fonts and colors for each page.

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From a young age I was taught to love music. My parents bought albums and DVDs full of cartoon animals dancing to classical music. Since then I have always tried to develop my love for music, before falling in love with journalism I had a dream of becoming an opera singer. I joined every choir I could, where I met most of my best friends and found my competition site. My favorite artists are Rex Orange County and Harry Styles, both of whom have contributed to my attention to detail, be it in the clothes or in my designs.

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Art has always been something I will always cherish. I developed an interest in painting where I learned how to apply color theory and the importance of line and shade in creating. While I haven’t outgrown my experience painting cows in fields of flowers, I hope to learn more about how it’s intertwined with design.

As a newcomer, adjusting to these new and somewhat disconcerting changes wasn’t easy. I’m so lucky to be part of such a welcoming group of people with the same interests. I’m very honored to contribute my ideas to The Prospector. I hope to continue sharing my creativity through this opportunity as a new designer.

Fatima Alvarado is the layout editor and can be reached at [email protected]

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