Interview: Egzod Talks about His New Single “The Way Out”

Melodic bass producer Egzod releases his brand new single “The Way Out” featuring Bertie Scott via Spinnin’ Records. “The Way Out” offers a cinematic journey that explores the emotions of “something slipping away”.

Born in Portugal, raised in France and now based in the US, Egzod has amassed more than 200 million streams and millions of international fans, including over two million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Egzod, which means “exodus” in French phonetics, is the tale of a mass departure of people to another world where technology and nature are in perfect balance. Through his music, which blends sounds and instruments from around the world, Egzod works to empower and unite people.

Egzod’s new tracks, coming soon to Firefly Music Fest and EDC Orlando, will offer an “escape” to exciting musical fantasies.

CelebMix spoke to Egzod to find out more about the person behind the music, how he got started with music and how he defines tone.

What inspired your new single “The Way Out”?

I’ve found a lot of inspiration in Hardwave over the past few years as it’s very cinematic but also combines my two favorite influences: the melodic content of trance and the heaviness of bass music. Bertie Scott sent some top lines and “The Way Out” suited a track I was working on perfectly, both lyrically and melodically.

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Where and when did you connect with Bertie Scott?

I connected with Bertie Scott via Instagram last year. Since then we’ve been going back and forth on different music ideas. We actually finished another track together recently.

How did you get into music?

At the age of 13, I first came to making music through the art of DJing. By the end of high school I was spending time making mashups and mixes. When I started college I switched to music production because I wanted to start making my own records.

Where do you come from?

I was born in Portugal near Porto and grew up in the south of France. I currently live in Florida.

Has your hometown influenced your music?

It’s done quite a bit. Electronic music has always been big in France – from the French touch scene in the 90s/early 2000s with artists like Daft Punk, Justice, David Guetta, Martin Solveig, Breakbot – and more recently in the bass and house music of the last decade with artists like DJ Snake, Dirtyphonics, Hrmastral, Malaa, Tchami, CloZee. However, I would say what has influenced me more than my hometown is the internet. I think many subgenres like Future Bass, Trap, Hardwave and Dubstep have exploded in the last decade thanks to online forums and curators/labels on Youtube and other platforms.

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Did your sound develop naturally or did you consciously push it in a certain direction?

I would say I took it in a certain direction, bass music mixed in with some orchestral elements. From then on, my sound developed naturally. I think it’s a never-ending process that always makes music production exciting.

How do you define tone? And has your tone changed over time?

Lately it’s shifted from an orchestral/eastern tone to a more futuristic/hybrid style I’d say. However, I tend to keep it melodic at all times. As mentioned, I think it’s a never-ending process and an artist’s style or tone evolves forever, although the essence remains.

What inspires your writing? Are you inspired by poetry, music or other media?

Definitely a lot of fantasy and sci-fi movies (e.g.: LOTR, Ghost In The Shell, Matrix) – but also digital art and 3D animation (e.g.: Beeple). I listen to all genres of music on a daily basis, which also helps me to find inspiration.

What can you tell about your writing process?

I love resampling my own work that has never been published. Some of my biggest releases have come from old projects that I would recycle or resample. Tip for the producers out there: save ALL your work in progress – you’d be amazed what could happen to them years from now.

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Which artists do you think are killing it right now?

I may be biased because I’ve worked with most of them, but I’m really a fan of their work. Here’s the list, in no particular order: When Found, Afinity, Slippy, Arcando, Memba, Maazel, Nurko, Abandoned, Madzi, and Sublab.

How do you define success?

Success is the achievement of a purpose. Part of society has placed a lot of emphasis on the fact that success is all about numbers and achieving goals. I’d say it’s not just limited to that and goes beyond that. Goals are a view to be reached – a purpose is why we want to achieve those goals. I think finding the reason brings success.

What can your fans look forward to in the next six months? music videos? Live concerts?

I am very excited to be playing at Firefly and EDC Orlando for the first time this year. I’m excited to also make my Spinnin’ Records debut with The Way Out, which will be released with its lyric video. Expect lots of new originals and remixes after this release!

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