Inside Demi Lovato’s Los Angeles farmhouse

Written by Hanna Pham, CNN

Demi Lovato’s Los Angeles home is not to be confused with everyone else’s home, with eclectic furnishings and playfully decorated rooms that reflect the singer-songwriter’s dynamic personality.

“It’s completely different because the last house I owned for myself — I didn’t have a vision for it,” Lovato told Architectural Digest in a web-exclusive tour of the 8,500-square-foot modern farmhouse she purchased in 2020 . It was just this empty, white, minimalistic yet cozy home… I really loved living there, but at the same time it felt empty.”

This time around, Lovato collaborated with Argyle Design founders Kat Bell and James Drew, who helped infuse the home with fun, stylish touches such as:

“I was in a place where I wanted everything in my house to be super trippy,” Lovato is quoted as saying. “I wanted it to be kind of psychedelic and super vibey, but I also wanted it to have a good hosting energy when I have people over.”

That "mushroom room" where Lovato and her guests enjoy listening to music while watching the interactive cloud lamp change color.

The “Mushroom Room” where Lovato and her guests enjoy listening to music while observing the color of the interactive cloud lamp. Recognition: Jenna Peffley

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Bell has called some unexpected items like the bum vases, breast-shaped salt and pepper shakers, and mushroom-shaped stools “LOL moments” found in the interior’s maximalist aesthetic.

Lovato enlisted the help of Eva Seta, director of communications at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, to decorate her home with works by emerging artists from underrepresented communities.

In her kitchen, lined with Gucci lily wallpaper, a painting by Lilian Martinez showing a character’s legs hangs in the designated breakfast nook, while Yasmine Nasser Diaz’s Truth or Dare takes center stage in the dining room .

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“I wanted it to be a very queer environment,” the singer said. “There’s also a lot of female empowerment, so it was very important to me to keep pieces that are representative of the female character. We live in a world that prevents you from honoring female bodies, so I want your face to be my home.”

That "glamorous room" has a bold pink and green color scheme.

The “glamorous room” is decorated in rich pink and green tones. Recognition: Jenna Peffley

Evidence of Lovato’s rock ‘n’ roll sensibility pervades the house. In the master bedroom, chic beluga chairs by Atra (where her guitar rests) sit alongside a silver-bronze cheetah. A “Glam Room” becomes the ultimate place to get ready, complete with a salon-worthy shampoo bowl and decorated with a neon sign that reads “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile.” The pool house was even turned into a recording studio, and that’s where she conceived her latest album, “Holy Fvck“, says the publication.

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The sprawling six bedroom home also includes plenty of calming areas with a backyard that features an outdoor kitchen, hot tub, fire pit, secluded patio and netting area for their beloved Yorkipoos, Batman and Cinderella to roam.

Happy with how cozy it’s gotten, Lovato said, “I have no reason to leave, this is exactly everything I wanted in a house.”

Top Caption: Demi Lovato at home in Studio City, Los Angeles.

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