Inclusive Leadership in the Age of Uncertainty

People thrive on positive reinforcement – nothing feels better than receiving a compliment for a job well done.

However, what about the small daily tasks that keep everything running smoothly? These are often forgotten, but the reality is that these deserve as much credit as the great achievements.

Now what does that have to do with anything?

Tell people you appreciate them and mean business.Your job for the rest of 2022 is to get used to showing (authentic) appreciation to your peers. This requires you to actively look for things they do well. If your assistant is doing a great job, tell them! Has your boss mastered this difficult negotiation? Let them know it was great!

Do you work from home or maybe you have the toughest job of all as a stay at home parent?

No problem! Also, show gratitude for brief interactions. These verbal reinforcements not only give people a little boost that they may have needed, but you’re actively showing your gratitude for a job well done, whatever that might be.

Make it a habit to show appreciation.As you make a habit of acknowledging these positive actions, you’ll find that instead of focusing on the things you don’t have, you’ll find yourself feeling better about your life and how fulfilled it is. There is a lot to be said for the power of positive thoughts and actions.

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Try to show your gratitude to your co-workers at least two or three times a week. After a week you’ll find yourself doing it more and more often without even thinking about it.

That is the power of gratitude. It’s a no-brainer. It’s an acquired taste, but one you’ll get used to.

Be spontaneous and have some fun.Everyone wants to have fun at work – even if everyone defines fun a little different. Fun comes when people feel connected to a team where there is mutual respect, open communication, acceptance of who people are and where everyone works together and towards the same goal. When teams work well together, it’s easier to be spontaneous and have fun—whether it’s a last-minute football Friday party after a project kickoff, or a quick afternoon break to share stories and have a few laughs about anything have to do with work.

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Sometimes we all need a break from the serious side of business. Here are some ways to show your employees how important they are to you.

  • Boss of the day: Let an employee be the boss for the day and encourage them to call out jeans day, host a potluck, or give a speech at a team meeting.
  • Lunch with the boss: Invite your employees over for lunch and let them choose the location. Do your best to keep work-related discussions to a minimum. Take the time to learn more about your employees’ interests and hobbies beyond work.
  • Spontaneous time out: Spontaneously late arrival or early departure days are always motivating. For example, send a short email that says, “It’s a beautiful afternoon. Go and enjoy it.”
  • Vouchers for leisure: Hand out vouchers for 15 minutes of free time as an on-site reward. Have your employees pick them up so that one day they can leave an hour earlier or come back an hour later.
  • Day of working from home: Remember important events in your employees’ personal lives, such as B. the entry of a child into kindergarten; Give them a home office day so they can attend without worrying about getting to the office on time.
  • Indoor food truck: When you’re back in the office On a hot day, have the executive team drive a cart around the office and hand out ice cream (like Klondike bars or ice cream sandwiches). On a cold day, have them push a “cocoa cart” around to serve hot chocolate to the team.
  • Cookies for one purpose: Have specially shaped cookies made for a volunteer and delivered with a thank you note. The shapes should reflect the cause the employee cares about. For example, if the employee volunteers with military veterans, the cookies may be in the shape of stars and flags.
  • Winter fun in the office: Host a season of “summer fun” from Valentine’s Day through Memorial Day and give the gift of a lie-in, a long lunch, or an early release. Pick winners every week and make sure everyone wins something twice in the summer.
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