I made $1,400 from my side hustle in just one day – and I did it all from home

IT’S not every day you can turn one of your hobbies into a $1,400 profit — but one content creator has done just that.

LacedWithSugar_ is a food catering TikToker who recently posted a video showing off her money-making side hustle.

TikToker LacedWithSugar_ shared the dishes she sold for $1,400 in just one night


TikToker LacedWithSugar_ shared the dishes she sold for $1,400 in just one nightPhoto credit: TikTok/lacedwithsugar_

The influencer, who has more than 70,000 followers, claimed she sold 70 plates to rake in $1,400 before the tip.

But what exactly is being sold through this revenue generator?

It includes creamy pasta surrounded by seasoned shrimp, chicken, cheese, bacon and more.

It’s unclear if there was vodka sauce on the pasta or some other creamy sauce.

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But she did it in just one day.

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How to start a catering business

Although catering companies allow their entrepreneurs to make money doing something they love (in this case, cooking), getting started may not be as simple or easy as one might think.

Normally, you must keep all licenses and clearances for your company’s food and kitchen inspections.

Specific requirements depend on your state and region.

Sometimes the best way to get started in this side business can be to start small by cooking for events like cocktail parties or wedding receptions.

Understanding the market you serve and the best way to target customers who are looking for exactly your type of food is crucial.

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Remember to price your products appropriately for the type of dish and customer you are serving.

And marketing at other events can be essential to getting your business out there and ultimately making your catering gig a success.

Keep in mind that your side hustle is taxable — which means you could get a hefty surprise bill from the Internal Revenue Service.

Here’s how to avoid this and how to check if your side hustle qualifies for a deduction.

Other side hustles

It’s clear that Americans are jumping on the side-hustle train.

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By 2022, more than 90 percent of working Americans had part-time jobs, according to Insuranks.

This survey found that the average wage is $483 per month, or $6,000 per year.

Aside from starting your own catering business, you can turn to various niches or hobbies to earn a little extra pocket money.

For example, an influencer found the perfect reader side hustle, and it’s one that pays you to record an audio book.

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If you feel like you have the time and expertise in a certain area, you can be like this housewife who started a sleep consulting business.

You can also make money with what you already have, like this man who makes $150,000 a year simply by renting out his vehicles.

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