“I am an Adrenaline Junkie” – After 16 year’s in F1, Lewis Hamilton admits he hates Practice sessions

7-time world champion Lewis Hamilton says he dislikes training sessions and enjoys more exciting hobbies.

Lewis Hamilton has been in F1 since 2007. The 2022 season is his 16th season in F1 and the Brit still seems to be kicking.

Hamilton holds the records for most wins, pole positions and podiums. He also holds the most combined F1 titles – 7 alongside Michael Schumacher.

Hamilton has been racing since he was 5 years old. Hamilton’s father, Anthony, gifted him a remote control car which fueled his passion for racing.

Since then, Hamilton has risen through the various leagues of karting and racing, eventually becoming F1 champion at the age of 23. He would have spent countless hours in a car during those years.

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But it seems like Mr Hamilton isn’t a particularly big fan of workouts. He said, “When we have practice, it can get pretty boring.” He prefers the main race when he can do his best.

Hamilton adds: “I don’t really like training. It’s like a whole day just going in circles. i don’t enjoy it I like the first hour in the morning and then I’m on cruise control.”

When asked about his hobbies, Hamilton loves surfing, skydiving, parasailing, and others. He says they help him recover after the race.

He said: “I’m an adrenaline junkie. During the races you have these highs and after the next few days you just crash. Then you pick a low and you have to pick yourself back up.”

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Lewis Hamilton explains what it feels like to drive at 300 km/h

Driving at high speeds above 100-150 km/h is a dangerous thrill for most of us. But for Lewis Hamilton, that’s just another weekend!

F1 cars can reach speeds of 350 km/h on straights. Lewis describes driving at such speeds as a different feeling. He says: “At this speed, everything happens super fast.”

But a lot happens in the head of the 7-time world champion as he corners at around 200 km/h. At one he is already thinking about the next bend.

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He claims: “People say that everything slows down at this speed, but it is not like that.” A driver is so sharp at such speeds that he manages to negotiate all bumps and corners, regardless of high speeds. No wonder F1 drivers are built differently.

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