How to plant spring-flowering bulbs ‘now’ for a ‘good flowering’ next year – what to grow

Flower bulbs are useful for adding color to spring borders and are very easy to care for. According to RHS, spring-blooming bulbs include tulips, which come in a variety of shades. Other flower bulbs, including snowdrops, are among the earliest flowering plants that brighten the start of spring.

When to plant flower bulbs

The RHS said spring bloomers such as daffodils, crocuses and hyacinths should be planted before the end of September.

Hardy summer bloomers such as lilies, alliums and crocosmia should be planted in September and October, while tulips can be planted in November.

Where to plant onions

The RHS said: “Some lightbulbs require a specific location. Most hardy bulbs, including tulips and daffodils, as they originate from areas with a dry summer climate, prefer a warm, sunny spot with good drainage.

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“Bulbs from cool, moist woodland areas like Cardiocrinum require similar gardening conditions.

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How to plant onions

The RHS said: “Dig a hole wide and deep enough for your onions. Plant most bulbs two to three times as deep as possible.

“For example, for a tuber five centimeters high, dig a hole four to six inches deep and put the tuber in.

“Put the onions in the hole, nose or stem up. Space them at least twice as wide as the onion.”

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Next, replace the soil and gently press down with the back of a rake without stepping on the soil as this can damage the bulbs.

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If the soil is wet, the RHS experts said watering is not critical. Otherwise, gardeners should water immediately after planting.

Most flower bulbs are ideal for growing in containers and can add a pop of color to the smallest of gardens.

Container flowers are best for large flowers like tulips, lilies, and alliums.

For bulbs that only spend one season in their container, the experts recommend using three parts multipurpose soil with one part grit.

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They should be planted three times as deep and one bulb width apart.

The RHS said: “To encourage good flowering next year, feed the bulbs a high-potassium fertilizer such as liquid tomato feed every seven to 10 days.

“Start feeding as soon as shoots appear and stop feeding as soon as the foliage begins to die back at the end of the season.

“If you bring pots of hardy bulbs indoors during bloom, move them to a sheltered spot outside once bloom is over.”

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