How To Dress Like A Milanese According To The City’s Most Stylish Locals

That Milan is now one of the chicest places in Europe is well known, not only because many high-profile fashion houses (Gucci, Prada and Giorgio Armani, to name a few) have made the northern Italian center their base, but also thanks to the consistently well-dressed Milanese. Just as the creative stars of the city’s upcoming fashion week value attention to detail and always-sleek designs, so do the stylish folks who inhabit the area. If anything, it’s the people of Milan who have helped make the city’s style so desirable with their sharp cuts and knack for making decadent accessory combinations look tasteful.

In fact, the above assets are the foundation of Milan’s decidedly sophisticated appeal, as often documented on Milanesi a Milano, an Instagram account that posts shots of spontaneously stylish people going about their daily business in the city. And with the Italian fashion industry rising to international prominence in the second half of the 20th century, it makes sense that there’s a retro element ingrained in both the catwalk shows and street style.

While the sophisticated, almost regal style might seem out of reach for some, there are actually a few basic tips and tricks that can help you get the Milanese look. Read on for more insights into fashion psychology from several knowledgeable locals, as well as wardrobe must-haves and corresponding wish lists for this fall.

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Jenny Walton

“I’m closer to the Sciura aesthetic,” says fashion illustrator and influencer Jenny Walton, referring to the style that essentially belongs to the well-dressed Milanese 60+. attractive Prada skirt linked below. “It’s a breath of fresh air for me in terms of street style and what you see in Milan,” says the illustrator, who relocated to Milan from Brooklyn earlier this year. “[In New York City,] it was mostly training gear and incredibly casual which I don’t mind, it just gets a bit boring just by looking at it. That’s why I’m happy to be in Milan, where the style is sometimes a little less casual.” She sees Milan street style leaning more towards smart-classic fashions, like modest black, white and neutral colors on full skirts in the ’50s Style.

Milanesi a Milano

Scrolling through Milanesi a Milano’s feed reveals many variations on the city’s understated, luxurious, and sometimes slightly nerdy aesthetic. Among all the looks you’ve seen, there are some common clothing items and accessories among Milan’s fashionable crowd, such as Friulane shoes, Barbour jackets, oversized blazers and gold accessories from around the world. “There is such an attitude towards treasure hunting,” says the Milanesi a Milano. For the upcoming fall season, the four women behind the account (who prefer to remain anonymous) are already seeing a surge in ’90s-inspired suiting, corsets and simple white tank tops.

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Helen Nonini

Marco Mantovani/GC Images/Getty Images

“What I got from Milanese style is the search for quality and attention to detail to express a personalized style,” says Helen Nonini, a brand consultant who has lived in Milan since 2007. While attending Milan Fashion Week, she doesn’t buy any pieces specifically for the events. “I buy clothes when I find them in line with my idea, my idea of ​​style. Every season I look for different but timeless pieces.”

The Sciura expert

When Angelo P. moved to Milan from southern Italy in 2014, he was so taken with the city’s classy women that he decided to dedicate an Instagram account to them in 2016. Studying them from behind his camera lens, he found that while some of the city’s street style is trend-based (thanks to designers’ efforts to “please a younger demographic”), the main aesthetic of Milanese women is the “classic, chic and posh.” Taste of Sciure.” Though he prefers to remain an anonymous figure, his page is well-loved for the women adorned in vintage furs, fine leather and crocodile skin handbags, bright printed scarves, and adventurous outerwear— all the necessary items to embody the classic Milanese style, he says.

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Alice Abbiadati

For Alice Abbiadati, a city-based fashion journalist, it’s not just what you wear — it’s how you wear it. While sharp tailoring and Friulane shoes are her entry point to capture classic style, confidence and determination are the most important factors in getting the full look. “[The Milanese woman] wears things that make her feel good, and while they’re practical, they’re also chic,” like a pair of crisp denim pants, white sneakers and a cashmere sweater, explains Abbiadati. “She also always inherited things from her mother or grandmother, like jewelry and vintage handbags.”

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