Gotham Knights Briefly Ditched Its Anti-Piracy Protection

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Gotham Knights got its first patch after launching on PC yesterday. The update is intended to fix bugs in online multiplayer and fix other bugs. Unfortunately, it was also a bit short-lived Batman Denuvo DRM protection of the game, seems to leave it vulnerable to pirates. This is one way to take them by surprise.

PC patch for patch connection is available pushing last night, and it didn’t take long for game crackers to realize that the new build released on Steam was missing Denuvo. The story started circulating on sites like and the CrackWatch subreddit, even led some to believe that Warner Bros. removed DRM on purpose. He doesn’t have.

SteamDB data shows that a new Denuvo-protected building was released at the site 14 hours later, but the damage was clearly done. It’s rare that people are playing the latest pirated version of it Gotham Knights they can get into the game’s multiplayer, a loot-based brawler-focused environment, and pirates won’t be able to enjoy future patches or content updates. They’ll probably get a free run of the single-player campaign now, though.

Kotaku contact Warner Bros. to comment.

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Denuvo’s protection is controversial among some PC users in part because it limits how much they can save and play. It is also believed to have a negative impact on the performance of PCs that use it. Usually, it’s DRM Game developers took weeks or months off after launching it, especially if and when hackers finally “crack” it. It is rarely dropped on purpose and then retrieved.

Of course, the biggest issue for Gotham Knights is that so it’s not that goodespecially for a game that’s been going on for years, it’s one of the first $70 titles of the new-gen exclusive title, and it’s clearly inspired the best. Arkham trilogy of Batman games. While it is not clear what the new content of Warner Bros. Montréal can get no longer in line, promising a higher development. in the near future.

This patch will target consoles as well, and fixes some frame drops on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. While Gotham Knights it is contradictory locked at 30 fps On consoles, he often sinks to the ground during certain scenes and when patrolling Gotham while large groups of enemies are present. As Digital Foundry he reported, there are many performance issues on PC as well, however. Hopefully, they will also be addressed.


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