Google Pixel phones just got a handy Airplane mode upgrade

Google is improving the Airplane mode on Android by making it Wi-Fi stays connected when you turn on Airplane mode. Even better, you may not even need the latest version Android 13 to enable this feature.

While 9 to 5 GoogleThe report shows that this feature has only been released in the beta version of Android 13 QPR1 and the official update, Pixel Support The article shows that the devices only need to run Android 11 or higher.

Repair: We have updated this article. The iPhone allows you to use Wi-Fi in airplane mode. We apologize for the mistake.

Google Pixel 7 Pro displays

(Photo credit: Tom’s Guide)

Airplane mode has come a long way since it first appeared on mobile phones. This, of course, is a strange thing to say about a feature that is used in exactly the same place, but it is true. I remember when I turned on Airplane mode once only to find that mine Bluetooth headphones he didn’t suddenly disconnect – what a great development that was. But this was all the way back Android 11.


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