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FARGO — Thrifting has always been a part of Lauryn Schneider’s life. She fondly remembers visits to Once Upon a Child and the occasional flea market in the Twin Cities with her grandma Linda.

She admits that at times she thought, “It would be great to get something new,” but as she got older, she began to appreciate her frugal roots.

When it came time to start a business as part of an entrepreneurship course she took at North Dakota State University, she decided to put her thrift skills to good use.

Schneider shared an idea she had for a curated thrift store with her teammates and they decided to make it happen.

While that business fizzled out after college, Schneider was confident she had a winning idea.

She chose a new company name and brand and soon began selling second-hand clothing, accessories and home goods online. It was going so well that she recently fulfilled her dream of opening a physical store in downtown Fargo.

Schneider opened Gatherings Collective on July 7 at 12 Broadway. She chose the name “Gatherings” because she wants the store to be a gathering place for those who “love sustainability and save our earth.”

“I called it ‘Gatherings’ because I really think we come together as individuals about things we love and I want this to be a place for people to gather and talk about fun fashion, eclectic pieces and vintage design come together,” she continued.


Lauryn Schneider offers a selection of classic men’s and women’s clothing as well as a small selection of new and antique homewares at her new curated thrift store Gatherings Collective at 12 Broadway in downtown Fargo.

Chris Flynn / The Forum

The shop sells men’s and women’s clothing in a wide range of sizes, as well as a small selection of new and antique homeware and accessories.

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Like a boutique, Schneider personally curates what she sells. Their aim is to present classic pieces with “a lot of life in them”.

“I definitely like the idea of ​​combining boutique-style shopping with affordable second-hand products,” she said. “I think my love of vintage definitely contributes to what I’m looking for. I love vintage clothes, vintage everything. I love taking older pieces and modernizing them and making them fit for today.”

She accepts donations and donates whatever she doesn’t use to other charities and thrift stores.


Like a boutique, Gatherings Collective owner Lauryn Schneider personally curates what she sells. Their aim is to present classic pieces with “a lot of life in them”.

Chris Flynn / The Forum

Housewares she sells include soy candles made by Bobbi Jo and Todd Cody, owners of The Red Silo.

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Gatherings Collective opened in the space first occupied by The Red Silo when it opened in 2014. The Codys eventually moved through the concourse at 12 Broadway, where they continued to operate their business until moving their retail store to Moorhead Antique Mall in 2021. They do, but they still have studio space in the building, and that’s how they met Schneider.

“My impression of Lauryn from the start was that she was a go-getter. She’s definitely passionate about sustainability and providing clothing and vintage home items to the community at reasonable costs without them ending up in landfill or in someone’s garage or basement,” said Bobbi Jo Cody. “Passionate is probably the best word, um Describing her. She definitely knows what she wants to do and has a mission.”

One of their missions is to get others excited about thrift and sustainability.

“I don’t think you have to sacrifice a good shopping experience or finding good items to be frugal. Because of that, I wanted to include the boutique aspect,” she said. “I think every bargain hunter – whether they’re on a low income, wanting to be more sustainable, or because they want to find unique, eclectic pieces – shouldn’t have to sacrifice a clean, fun, safe, and welcoming environment.”

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She believes downtown Fargo is the perfect home for a business like hers. One of the reasons she chose to attend North Dakota State University was downtown Fargo.

“I came here and fell in love with the downtown community,” she said. “Even as I went on to school and all, I just kept falling in love with downtown. I wanted to bring something new to the area. There’s such an eclectic mix of people in those few streets, and I wanted to be a part of that.”

WHAT: gatherings collective
WHERE: 12Broadway, Fargo



HOURS: 11am to 7pm Tuesday to Saturday.

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