Freya’s style tips: diversity for all

Recently, Spain’s Queen Letizia was criticized for wearing a dress that was “too short” for her age (43), with comments saying it was “not fit for a queen”. As if we were living in the Victorian era when ladies were required to cover themselves – from chin to heel – to venture outside.

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The attempt to shame Letizia for showing off her shapely legs follows a terrible trend for British tabloids to publish TikTok videos of people who are plus size, have body modifications or are heavily tattooed and pass it off as “news”. The real reason is to create clickbait so Facebookers can post silly comments underneath.

What happened to diversity? And personal choice?

In fashion these days — considering it’s 2022, not 1922 — anything goes, and “the rules” are there to be broken. Who says a 50 year old woman can’t wear the same dress as a 20 year old, especially when her chosen outfit and accessories make her feel like a million bucks?

Madonna recently said that her son looks better than her in some of her dresses. Last month he was pictured in her red Adidas number, which cut a striking figure and flaunted his look with aplomb.

American Mark Bryan, who lives in Germany with his wife and children, also wears skirts to work and doesn’t take nonsense!

While there are no limitations when it comes to color, style, and hemline choices, when planning our outfit, we should keep our goal for the day or night in mind.

Really, it’s not discrimination when you visit a five-star restaurant in Madrid in Ibiza beachwear and there’s a dress code that doesn’t allow bikini tops, so the porter says no. Likewise, a “no” can apply if you go to a dinner with evening wear in a carnival outfit with sequined hotpants – as amusing as it may seem in advance!

Mike Von Geig Unsplash
A bikini top may not be appropriate for your dinner. Photo: Mike Von / Unsplash.

When choosing from this season’s styles, there are a few options that can be easily converted for day and evening use. A pair of well-tailored jeans and a shirt is the perfect chic solution. Both come in cuts that suit most body types, with colors that flatter any skin tone. Go for classic blue jeans with a white shirt or choose one that reflects your personality – like ripped black jeans, bell bottoms or glittery details. Change accessories depending on the time of day and how you feel.

Jade Destiny Unsplash
Blue jeans are a good choice for everyone. Photo: Jade Destiny/Unsplash.

We can also maximize our individual body shapes – whether we’re a size 0 or a 20.

For example, people with narrow shoulders may feel more comfortable in a turtleneck than in a shirt as it looks flattering, especially if you’re trying to create a slightly fuller silhouette.

Those who have a strong, athletic build may find loose-fitting pants and a tighter-fitting top will make the most of their physique.

Because all styles of clothing come in many sizes, taller ladies have a wide variety of flattering options depending on the style, but don’t be tempted to “cover up” by wearing plus-size clothing. Sometimes a shape that simply skims the figure is the most flattering option. Try a fabulously patterned maxi dress and cropped jacket for the day and palazzo pants with a chiffon blouse for understated elegance in the evening.

Our various knots and bumps can look — well, less lumpy and bumpy — by wearing darker colors, a scarf that hangs at hip level, a wide belt across the waist, or a sleeveless long vest.

Whatever we choose, the most important thing is that we feel comfortable, happy, and confident about our choices and “looks.”

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