Frankie Shop: The Cult Minimalist Brand Loved By Celebs And Fashion Editors Alike

Since the 90’s, basics haven’t had that much of a spread in the fashion market. While there are some archival brands that have stayed true to the minimalist cause – think Max Mara and Jil Sander – it’s worth noting that a large number of fashion newcomers have pledged allegiance to clean lines. One of the biggest breakout stars? It must be Frankie Shop.

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The brand, founded by Frenchwoman Gaëlle Drevet, opened its first store on New York’s Lower East Side in 2014. Eight years later, Frankie Shop has become synonymous with an unmistakably Parisian-meets-New Yorker casualness, manifested in everything from casual suits and oversized shirts to elevated outerwear.

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Logo-free, gender-neutral (though the brand recently launched its own men’s collection), and timeless, it’s no surprise that fashion editors and celebrities alike have embraced the Frankie Shop cult. The former in particular seems to appreciate the brand’s understated yet polished approach to design and the myriad team members Fashion were spotted wearing Lui’s striped poplin shirt. A real fashion stamp of approval if there ever was one.

Despite its measured form-meets-function approach to design, it’s worth noting that Frankie Shop has still catapulted a number of its hero pieces into the ‘cult buy’ limelight in recent years. This is no small matter. From last year’s sell-out Ripstock quilted jacket to the double-pleated tailored trousers that took over Instagram, his upscale wardrobe staples are big business.

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So if you’re looking to add to your fall collection, let us guide you to these fashion editors’ cult favourites. Scroll down to see and shop this season’s Frankie Shop highlights.

Frankie Shop Kai high-rise wide-leg jeans

The striped poplin shirt by Frankie Shop Lui

Image may contain: clothing, clothing, shirt, shirt, sleeve and long sleeve

Frankie Shop Lui Organic Cotton Poplin Shirt

The Frankie Shop Astra oversized shell jacket

Image may contain: dress, dress, vest, suit, coat, coat and tuxedo
Image may contain: clothing, clothes, pants, denim and jeans

Frankie Shop Gelso high-rise wide-leg pants

Image may contain: clothing, apparel and khaki

The Frankie Shop Neutral Audrey Cargo Mini Skirt

The Frankie Shop Cala Striped Cotton Poplin Midi Shirt Dress

Image may contain: clothing, clothing, coat, jacket, sleeve, long sleeve, khaki and shirt

Frankie Shop Quilted Padded Ripstop Jacket

Image may contain: clothing, clothes, pants, denim and jeans

Frankie Shop Gelso high-rise wide-leg pants

Image may contain: clothing, clothing, shirt and shirt

Frankie Shop Lui relaxed-fit shirt in cotton poplin

Frankie Shop John oversized wool blend coat

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