Experts reveal how the royal family could respond to Harry and Meghan documentary

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex documentary arrived on Netflix this week and has divided royal experts and fans.

List with title Harry and Meghanwhich has been split into two “volumes”, promises to show “another side” of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s love story.

In a trailer released ahead of the first volume arriving on Thursday (December 8), the duke promised to tell the “absolute truth” and suggested there were stories “planted” against Meghan while they were senior members of the royal family.

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Although the first three episodes did not reveal any new allegations against Buckingham Palace, the couple faced criticism for their desire to broadcast the series despite being worried about the press entering their lives. Through a spokesman, the couple said their decision to step down as senior members of the royal family in 2020 had nothing to do with “privacy”.

While the lack of explosive revelations this week will no doubt come as a relief to the royal family, experts say King Charles III must prioritize mending the family’s relationship with the Sussexes if they wish to see an end to the couple’s “grievance”.

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Jo Elvin, journalist, presenter and podcast host A secret palace you have been told The Independent: “I would not be surprised if the King soon began to adhere to the new speech: [Queen Elizabeth II] what should I do?’

In terms of how to handle this ‘docu-series’, in public he will want to avoid any comments or actions that keep this soap opera discussed and getting worse by the hour,” he said. “However, in private, you may have to overcome his stated desire to avoid confrontation and make everyone talk .

“Although different memories may exist in the family, I think that finding a way to heal Harry and Meghan’s pain should be a priority, because it seems that otherwise they will never lose the power to complain and explain. To be mentioned with love in his first Christmas speech would be a dignified power step.”

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Royal spokesman RS Locke said the documents would have a further impact on the distance between the Sussexes and the Prince and Princess of Wales.

It comes after Harry appeared to reject Prince William’s wishes over their mother’s row A panorama interview to never be broadcast again by including a clip of it in the first episode of Harry and Meghan.


After a report last year found that the BBC had covered up journalist Martin Bashir’s fraud in obtaining an interview, Williams said it was his “strong opinion” that A panorama the images should never see the light of day again. But speaking in an interview for his series, Harry said his mother “told the truth about her experience”.

“Reports of a rift between Prince Harry and Prince William began as early as 2018, and last year, on Oprah. [Winfrey] In an interview, Harry reiterated that when he described the relationship as ‘local’, Locke said The Independent.

“They say life events like death and birth can bring families together. If the death of the late Queen and the birth of her niece, Lilibet – it’s not yet confirmed that William and Kate ever met – couldn’t close the gap, I’m not sure anything will. But documents are likely to create a space between these two broad spectrums. “

Locke said the impact of the documents on Sussex’s relationship with the King and Queen Camilla was “less clear”.

“They made efforts to reconnect with Harry, Meghan, and their grandchildren last year through private visits when the family was in the UK,” he said. Referring to the third episode of the series, in which historian Afua Hirsch says “racist images” are shown in the royal palace, Locke said that any action by Charles to “punish” the Sussexes “will fail”.

“At the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in June, the King, who is also head of the Commonwealth, said ‘the time has come’ to acknowledge our past and the painful, lasting impact of slavery,” he said.

“Isn’t this what educational institutions are doing by highlighting the history of the empire’s role in the slave trade? It may not be the way Charles would choose the conversation, but punishing Harry and Meghan, or his mixed-race grandchildren by removing their titles, would be a job for his words.

However, Locke said he believes that Harry and Meghan’s acceptance of the King’s appointment next spring will depend on the second content of the program, which will be released on December 15.

It may also depend on the contents of Harry’s upcoming memoir, Savewhich will be released on January 10, and how the community is reacting to the rest of the series.


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