Curious Cat Joins Owner For ‘Pawtery’ Session, Watch Viral Video

Cats are well known for their mischievous behavior, from breaking glasses to jumping wildly, the internet is full of tons of entertaining cat videos. Recently, one viral cat’s trait of being curious about its owner’s hobby has taken social media by storm. In a viral video, the furry companion, who is being asked about pottery, can be seen reluctantly trying. The animal’s owner is busy carving a small pot on the potter’s wheel, and the latter, seemingly fascinated by the creative process, gently places a paw on the top of the wet vase. The furry animal finds it difficult to figure out what to do next when it touches it, so it taps the tip several times.

Realizing the cat’s curiosity, the owner lets the adorable pet keep learning. For a brief second, when the owner takes his hands off the wheel, the cat follows the same. But a few seconds later, the cat keeps spinning the wet vase. The video was shared online via Twitter under a whimsical caption that read “Pawtery.” Check out the following clip:

As soon as the video surfaced online, it drew massive attention from animal lovers around the world. With over 2.9 million views, the video was liked by 106.6 thousand people. A segment of the internet well acquainted with cats’ habit of destroying things had a hilarious reaction to the clip. One user joked, “Cat: this will be awesome to hit the counter in 2 weeks.”

Another added: “Cat thinks, ‘I’ll wait until it’s done before knocking it over and breaking it.’ Very pretty.”

Sharing how intelligent and intuitive animals can be, one animal lover added, “They offer so much support to their masters in so many ways. So we must learn from them and always protect them from any kind of abuse. Animals are great.”

Meanwhile, one netizen encouraged pet owners to have fun taking up new hobbies with their pets so they don’t feel alone: ​​”If more people had a hobby with their cat, it would prevent them from staying up late at night.” roaming the streets at night. And the cat would not feel lonely in the house at night.”

The identity of the pet owner is still unclear.

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