Clothing styles and trends that are a must to kick off the fall season — MARIST CIRCLE

Although it doesn’t look like it, the scorching hot days are on their way out when the chilly October days roll in. With fashion trends changing daily and the summer season coming to an end, now is the time to put your fall wardrobe together. From classics like a white tee to a chic mini skirt, these are your fall must-haves.

Whether fitted or loose, everyone has a plain white T-shirt in their closet. It can be styled with just about anything and as fall weather approaches, layering is required. Perfectly paired under a sweater vest, leather jacket or black mini dress, you can dress this piece up or down.

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“I think my favorite fall fashion trend is oversized sweaters and jackets,” said Jen Dorsey ’23, creative director of Marist Fashion’s Silver Needle Runway. “Everyone should have a simple colored bodysuit and a plain black oversized blazer.” Dorsey suggests finding these pieces at Abercrombie, Zara and Princess Polly.

Another staple of fall fashion are loafers. While some associate loafers with a school uniform, others find them to complete a look. Worn with knee-length white socks and a mini skirt, these shoes add a sense of professionalism and can transform the aesthetic of your entire outfit. You can even take the basic t-shirt and throw a jacket over it to rock a completely different look.

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Getting creative with different foundations will allow your personality to shine through. Mixing statement pieces like bold patterns and funky colors with neutral tones and quintessential must-haves can elevate a look, especially in a season when layering is essential.

A very versatile and easy-to-wear must-have for fall is the mini skirt. These skirts come in all shapes and sizes, from the famous Miu Miu mini to the denim moment, and can be accessorized to create countless looks. Whether it’s with a collared shirt or a sweater vest, the possibilities are endless.

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Low-rise jeans are sneaking back into current trends. The low-rise look popular in the 2000s is also making a comeback in pants and cargo pants. Topping these off with a cropped sweater or cardigan would be the perfect outfit when the weather starts to drop.

As different aesthetics become more popular and older trends reappear, fashion is one of the best ways to show your individuality. When you express your authentic self through clothes that make you happy, you’ll look and feel good all season long.

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