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There’s no need to be a pirate at the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce Business Expo – there’s plenty to be had at the event’s 30th annual edition.

“Joplin Expo is the icon; Find your treasure in Joplin” is the theme of this year’s event as it is placed in the pavilion at the Downstream Casino Resort.

“We had 110 shows this year, and we were completely sold out,” said Erin Slifka, marketing and public relations manager for the building. The event is open from noon to 7 p.m. Tuesday for business and domestic visitors.

Unless the winter forecast causes cancellation Wednesday, the fair will be open to the public from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Admission is $5; children 5 and younger will be admitted free.

“It’s a great time for people to learn about new businesses that have come into the city market,” Slifka said of City Day.

Treasure chests containing candy, ink pens, rubber duckies, ice scrapers, sunglasses and all sorts of other loot are free for the taking, no swords or guns required. Jack Sparrow, or his stand-in, patrols the ship as guests take loot or play for prizes.

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“Each exhibitor has something different and unique going on in their booth, but this is a great opportunity for members of the Joplin area business community to come and showcase their products and new lines of work and connect with community members so they can. learn about some of the businesses we have in this area,” Slifka said.

One of those businesses, Stokes Education Services and Stokes Robotics of Carl Junction, demonstrated robots available for education, law enforcement and security purposes.

“These robots can have a curriculum for schools. If you want, you can put them in the classroom for students to learn about programming and robotics, or they can organize them to go up and hall floor” for security, said Gavin Philliber, of the business. They can be used for law enforcement purposes such as patrolling and searching prisons, jails and other facilities.

Mike Wakefield, of Binky Guy at 315 S. Cox Ave., displayed products that included screen-printed shirts. The 14-year-old business can also offer knitted goods, including shirts and hats. The show is “very good” at connecting with potential customers, Wakefield said.

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TPC (Payroll Company), based in Springfield, has come to the Joplin Expo for many years to connect with business operators looking to outsource payroll and human resources services.

“We help companies as small as one employee up to 2,000 or 3,000 employees,” said company representative Austin Linton. “One of the things it helps with is the tax system. We take all the taxes and handle those ourselves so all the risk and problems are on your plate and ours.”

Local hospitals and many other health care providers, banks, spa and beauty service providers, contractors and home service companies, and even junk removal services, are at the expo to provide information about their organizations. can help local residents and businesses. .

Academic institutions such as Kansas City University are represented in the exhibition.

Haley Reardon, marketing and communications manager for the KCU-Joplin campus, said, “This is always an exciting time to interact with customers and hear about some of the great things happening in the business community. ” KCU operates an osteopathic medical school here and is close to the dental school.

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The dental school building is next to the medical school at 2901 St. John’s Blvd. is about 90% complete. Installation of the equipment will be done this spring, and the first class of 80 dental students will start school in July, Reardon said.

Freeman Health System, which sponsors the show at the Downstream Casino, provides users with information about the 16 services the system and the hospital offer. Those include an internist, bariatric surgery service, self-help medical supplies, sleep medicine and medical supplies, a community supply store that supplies durable medical supplies, Rikki Smith of Home said the doctor.

“The Joplin Expo is really a place where businesses can come and collaborate and showcase themselves publicly,” Smith said. “For me, as an entrepreneur, I can make connections here and meet a lot of people in one place. I might not meet this many people at any other time of the year. For the locals who come, they can see more of these people at any other time of the year. learn about businesses they didn’t even know existed.”


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