Business profile / Pressed Rose in Ida offers one-of-a-kind art and furniture

IDA – Rose Patrick and her daughter, Amanda Sharp, are experts in the same creative style at Pressed Rose and Ida.

The duo opened their store, located at 2828 Lewis Ave., a little over a year ago. Open just one weekend a month, with dates and times posted on Facebook, the specialty shop offers art created by Patrick and handcrafted furniture designed by Sharp, as well as a wide range of home accessories and gifts.

“We opened the business last September,” Sharp said. “Before starting the business, my mum was a housekeeper but she was always very creative and busy making art. We got together and decided it was time for her to sell some of her things. – produced.”

Many of Patrick’s sculptures line the walls of the shop. Many are well organized by color, drawing the eyes of customers into the room as they look at the collection of images.

Patrick works in many different mediums but especially likes mixing colored pencils. Hidden within each creation is his signature.

“My mother’s art will change from modern to traditional. It’s interesting how it can go from one perspective to another,” Sharp said. “He creates beautiful things. You wouldn’t think a 71-year-old would do some of these prints. “

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Some of Patrick’s creations are decorated with different materials that make up the page.

“All of his art is one of a kind,” Sharp said. “When she decorates herself, sometimes she adds stones, beads, or carvings. It will also do creative things like fall flower arrangements. He was very talented in every way. “

Sharp said it was her mother’s hope not only to inspire others with her art so that they too could develop their creative side.

Sharp, 41, builds furniture on display at the store. He is an expert woodworker and has a passion for mid-century pieces. Her desk with hairpin legs can be seen throughout the store.

“My dog ​​goes where the lumberjack goes, and my mom’s brush goes where she goes. It’s hard to define us when it comes to creativity. “But making furniture is one of my favorite things to do, like making a school and a dining room table,” Sharp said.

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In the back of the store is his workshop, filled with wood, tools, and DeWalt displays.

“I make some furniture, but I like to create from scratch,” he said. “Recently, one of my biggest problems is trying to find cheap, good wood so I can continue to produce. I like to work with new wood.”

Patrick and Sharp are the only two employees in the store, but they work with many vendors to display and sell their work.

“We’re looking to add more vendors, but it’s going to be a lot more convenient,” Sharp said. “If anyone is interested in finding out more about becoming a salesperson, we will be happy to arrange a personal consultation.”

In the short time the store has been open, Sharp said they have developed a following of repeat customers.

“We want to create an environment where people will accept and want to come back,” he said. “We have customers that we know by their first names, and they have become like family to us. It is very special for us.

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“One of the reasons we only open one weekend a month is because we have time between creating. My mother creates almost exclusively at home. When I woodworking, I just create in the shop, I do some watercolors and other things at home.”

Sharp, who also works in real estate, said future goals include adding a coffee shop so customers can have a drink while they shop. For now, business hours will be one weekend per month, but personal shopping visits can be arranged. November store hours are Saturday, November 5 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday, November 6 from noon to 3 p.m. More information can be found on the store’s Facebook page, https://www

Rose is broken

Owners: Rose Patrick and Amanda Sharp

address: 2828 Lewis Ave. and Ida

Functions: One piece of art and furniture as well as home accessories and gifts

Hours: Market hours are offered one weekend per month. Date and time posted on Facebook.




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