Blue Fox Entertainment AFM Title ‘The Butchers Trilogy’ Goes Into Production (EXCLUSIVE)

Blue Fox Entertainment launches worldwide sales in the American Film Market of two new features that complete the horror project “Butchers Trilogy”.

The film’s global sales and domestic US distributor has a production light on “Butchers Book Three: Bonesaw,” which is currently in production in Canada. The second title in the trilogy, “The Book of Two Butchers: Raghorn,” is currently in post-production.

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Blue Fox will premiere “Raghorn” to buyers in the Santa Monica market, while handling worldwide sales for all three films.

The trilogy is produced and distributed by Blue Fox’s Red Hound Entertainment label. Grimehouse and NW9 Productions are also producing.

“Most Hollywood producers can only dream of creating a top notch trilogy that will delight fans around the world. Together with Adrian and Doug, we’ve done just that,” said Blue Fox’s James Huntsman.

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Written and directed by Grimehouse’s Adrian Langley (“The Violent World,” “Gutshot”), the cast includes British actor Simon Phillips (“The Age of the Living Dead,” “The Savior”), and Michael Swatton (“Ice Road Killer,” “Ashes and Dust “).

Each film of ‘Butchers’ brings a new story to the series, and that gave me the opportunity to build the first film in ways that could expand the world in a way that you did not expect, while adding a list of new characters and kills. ,” Langley said.

“Butchers Book One: Butchers,” the first film in the trilogy, was released by the Red Hound Entertainment label in 2021.

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It follows a family of sadistic, laid-back healers who treat anyone who crosses their path as dead meat.

In “Butchers Book Two: Raghorn,” the story continues when an accident leaves the hostages in the hands of vicious beasts who plan to devour them for meat.

In “Butchers Book Three: Bonesaw,” three women are hunted in the backcountry by a killer who slaughters people for food.

Based in Los Angeles, Blue Fox’s recent commercial titles include the upcoming New Zealand film “One Winter,” starring Julian Dennison, Minnie Driver, and James Rolleston; the family comedy “Popular Theory,” starring Cheryl Hines, Sophia Reid-Ganzert, and Marc Evan Jackson; and the YA thriller “Jane,” about a high school senior struggling with the death of a friend.

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The company’s current US release takes on the family movie “Railway Children,” set in England during WWII, and directed by Morgan Matthews.

The comedy “Sometimes You Never,” starring Bill Nighy, the Julie Delpy-directed divorce drama “My Zoe,” and the Sundance family comedy “Abe,” starring Noah Schnapp are among the early releases in the US.

The company recently launched Blue Fox Financing, connecting borrowers with the largest database of motion picture and television lenders and financiers worldwide.

AFM runs November 1-6.

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