Being Single: the Unspoken Benefits

Stereotypically, high school is a time of romance, drama, and academics. Many of your classmates and friends may be obsessed with their relationships and feel indifferent to the aspect of being single. It becomes tempting to rush into a relationship without proper preparation to fill a “void” that others notice you are “missing.” That’s why being single is just as beneficial as having a boyfriend or girlfriend.

#1. Free, undisturbed time to study

If you’re in a relationship during high school, your partner may start challenging you to study together or contacting you at inconvenient times. Dating partners are pressured to respond to messages and reduce individual productivity in order to please each other. Finally, the friend may ask you to write down your answers to later justify this academically dishonest act. He/she/she may start using you and over time forget the affection.

As an individual, these challenges disappear. You have space to work independently and pursue interests/hobbies that a significant other may not approve of. You have the opportunity to be for yourself.

#2. Your heart will never be broken

High school students may not make a loyal and responsible commitment to their relationships. Teenagers who are not fully mature or fully developed can break even the kindest hearts. Save your affections for the people who have always been by your side. That way you don’t have to avoid anyone in the school corridors or worry about seeing them.

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Other people, like close friends or family members, can also crush your heart. Not going on dates doesn’t fully guarantee that your heart will never be broken. Love is always a risk, so pour your heart into the present moment. Think hard. Keep dreaming, always.

#3. Miss tears, stress and drama

Teenagers crave stimulation, excitement, and validation. What connects all three? Theatre. Peers who are either jealous or disapproving of your relationship will spread rumors. Friends can distrust each other and refuse to confide in each other. As a result, teenage relationships often falter and last no more than a few months/weeks. Prioritize your studies and keep your eye on the future.

#4. No breakups before college

If you’re going out in your senior year, beware. There is no guarantee that your friend will be accepted into the same academic institutions as you. Don’t give up on your aspirations to maintain a high school relationship that will collapse during your college years. It’s a serious mistake!

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Being single takes away the stress and heartache associated with the graduation/college application process. It’s for the better.

#5. Nobody to hate, countless people to love

Unfortunately, breakups can have bad, hateful endings. Since many high school relationships are formed between two students who attend the same school, if you break up you may have a new enemy. Ex-boyfriends can start to get nervous sitting next to each other, anxiously walking down the corridors and getting angry at night. Singles cross a potentially toxic ex off their list.

Fill your days with love for the goals you pursue and the people you befriend. The beauty of love is for everyone, regardless of marital or dating status. Avoid the mistake of dating someone out of attraction and not affection.

#6. Express interest in all people

If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, it’s “forbidden” to talk to others who share the same gender identity as your partner. Single students are not inhibited by this factor and cannot be bound by assumptions. They’re just free to have lunch with whoever they’re friends with while hanging out with whoever. This benefit of being single is often overlooked and taken for granted by teenagers until it’s too late.

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#7. Recognizing flaws and manipulative tactics

Don’t let a manipulative person trick you into dating. Single people have an opportunity to closely observe a person’s behavior and judgments before deciding whether to date him/her. Escaping a toxic relationship is very difficult for boyfriends and girlfriends.

Love is blissful, warm and thoughtful. However, it is volatile, impulsive and easy to give up. Remember that rejecting suggestions and setting clear boundaries is acceptable.

#8th. Singles are not lonely

A common misconception and stereotype of individuals is the idea of ​​loneliness. Still, singles are just as lovable as engaged couples. The main difference? Many who live single lives pour their joy and tenderness into the present moment and save their dreams for the eternal future. This often increases the chances of adopting a growth mindset and achieving success.

A person doesn’t have to be your world. Your time, future and legacy belong exclusively to you.

Romance unfolds while it’s in the air. Life will bring you your soulmate when the time comes, so don’t feel pressured into rushing into relationships. As Catherine Pulsifer said, “Life offers many opportunities, the choices we make determine our future.”

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